Paulo Thiago: Between Bullets and Punches


Continuing from yesterdays post regarding his new training partners for his next fight with Mike Swick, Paulo Thiago gets a little personal at tatame. Check out the full interview after the jump.


 When did you arrive in Rio?
 I arrived on Monday and will stay for about two weeks in Rio. I am preparing for my next fight with the help of my friends. I am looking to improve myself.

What has changed on your training routine since you were going to face Josh Koscheck and will instead face Mike Swick?
 The style changed a bit, but the preparations for the fight is the same. The strategy changed a little bit, I am preparing to face a very tough guy the same way I was preparing to face Koscheck.

Do you believe that another win against Koscheck would have put you close to title contention?
 He’s one of the top guys, and without a doubt not only myself, but anyone who beats him would be close to title contention.

What are your thoughts on training with Anderson Silva and the people at Xtriker? What kind of tips are you receiving?
Anderson is a sensational athlete that understands a lot about the fighting game, he’s giving me a lot of tips in my game, I just have to thank these guys for the tips they are giving me. His team is great, the training sessions here at X-Gym is very powerful

Video of Paulo training at Xtriker

How did this opportunity arrive?

Wallid introduced me to the guys, he knows everyone. I had told him that I wanted to spend some time here in Rio and he went off contacting people and decided that this would be the best place for me to train. I have done a few training sessions at Nova Uniao.

Are you going back to train at Nova Uniao or are you going to stay here for now?
I hope to do a few sessions at Nova Uniao, I’ll be there and here. Their training routine is different than here. You train everything at both camps, but the difference is the quantity of sparrings and the training regimen, I am looking for a lot of variety in my training.

What is the difference in your training regimen from Brasilia and here in Rio?
The team where I usually train is starting to grow now, we don’t have high level fighters as they do here, and the quality level of the team as a whole is bigger here due to the number of athletes competing internationally. So that I don’t get used to training with the same people, I am doing these trips so I can diversify my training.

What is your current relationship with BOPE? You’ll be away for an entire month, do they let you do that to train?
 I am actually on vacation right now, but even when I am not my commanders give me a lot of support, they are big fans of the sport. I never had a problem regarding this.

Do you ever see yourself retiring from the police force some day?
 To be frank I don’t have that wish, I like being a cop and being part of the Special Operations Battalion, I feel at home there and I don’t see myself leaving that life, so no.

What is the most difficult routine: the BOPE routine or the MMA routine?
Both routines, even though they are very different from one another, are very difficult but at the same time very rewarding since everything you do with love you do it happy. I love the training regimen from both BOPE and MMA. Even though it wears you out, I like them both.

What is the biggest adrenaline; a gun fight in the slums or stepping inside the octagon?
 It's different because in a gunfight you don’t know what might happen, it is very unpredictable and the adrenaline goes up. In the ring the adrenaline does go up, but you are prepared and you know what to expect from your opponent, so I think it's something more manageable.

Are you afraid that a bullet or some fatality in the police force may stop your career in MMA?
Fear I do not have, I do however worry that I can get hurt and not go back home. But we do not carry fear, otherwise that fear may compromise an operation. A cop cannot ever refuge himself in that type of mentality, we try not to think of fear and always move forward.

If you had to choose between each career, which one would you choose?
In that case I’d not think of myself and instead think of my family, the people that depend on me. I think I’d choose MMA for it being more profitable, not that I love one over the other, just for the money.

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