Yoshizo Machida Believes That Lyoto Machida vs Anderson Silva Must Happen

Photo by Marcelo Alonso of Sherdog

Yoshizo Machida, father and master of UFC light heavyweight champion, Lyoto Machida, thinks that the dream fight against UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva 'must' happen:

There is only one champion, so I believe this fight must happen. It's a professional issue, and I believe they can fight. Deep down, everyone wants to know who is strongest. Friendship is friendship, but they're not amateurs. The eventual winner isn't my concern. What matters to me is how they win, and their strategy. This would be a mental battle.


I introduced Lyoto to daily training at an early age. Anderson was born like that, but Lyoto wasn't. Therefore, it took a lot of studying, training and hard work to improve, while Anderson is naturally like that... I really like Anderson. He didn't train Karate, but knew it instinctively. Standing switches, stances, how to use his waist, moving with purpose as he advances and backs away, dancing without getting hit. The future of MMA isn't who can take more punishment, but the one who leaves with a clean face. Many fights are pure slugfests, but people don't see things ten years into the future.

He also talked about Lyoto's bout against Shogun:

A vital part of Lyoto's game, since his power comes from the legs, and Shogun killed his leg. At any rate, the experience was good for us, since we'd never dealt with adversity. Karate also has its weaknesses, but no one had seen them up until now. Shogun exploited them, and deserves congratulations. That's exactly what I told him after the fight when he was crying, pissed that he didn't win. Lyoto did his weight training and is a very strong fighter. A different fighter would've gone down in the third round.

Had Shogun fought as he normally does, with his arms, Lyoto would've knocked him out in the first or second round. We did not expect him to kick that much and neglected the karate defense, which is different from the muay thai defense. Before the kick, you move up and stop the attack. We already planned a different strategy for next time, studying everything.

In the full interview, he says that Vitor Belfort only uses his Karate on the early stages of a fight, and that Rashad Evans and not Shogun Rua was the most dangerous opponent Lyoto has ever faced.



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