10 More Fights I Want the UFC to Make Happen (with free Strikeforce bonus while supplies last)

I recently wrote 10 Fights I Want the UFC to Make Happen, a Fanpost now famous for its revelation that 110 BE readers can't live without seeing Dustin Hazelett fight Paulo "Silva" Thiago.

In the spirit of that post, here are 10 more fights I want the UFC to make happen:

1) Forrest Griffin vs. Rich Franklin - After being finished two straight times, Forrest needs a big win to get back into the title mix, and Rich Franklin would be a perfect fit. Franklin has a name among casual and hardcore MMA fans, and would surely like his own chance to defeat a marquee 205-pounder.

2) Joe Lauzon vs. Nate Diaz - This is the fight I really wanted to see on Season 5 of The Ultimate Fighter. Joe is a wild, wide-open type of fighter, but Nate has proven he can capitalize on overly-aggressive fighters. This would be perfect to headline an Ultimate Fight Night, and would almost certainly lead to a Fight of the Night award.

3) Kenny Florian vs. Hermes Franca - At times, Kenny's practiced a diet-Machida sort of elusiveness, but Hermes would push straight forward and make it a brawl. Can Kenny catch Hermes overextending himself? There's only one way to find out.

4) Randy Couture vs. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson - Randy wants to go back down to 205, and he likes "interesting" fights - so why not put him up against Rampage? Randy may have come up short against Nogueira at UFC 102, but he still put on one hell of a show that night. Would Randy try to outwrestle Rampage? Stand and bang? Who the hell knows, but the anticipation for this bout would be incredible.

5) Thiago Silva vs. Brandon Vera - Is "The Truth" for real? After yet another lackluster performance at UFC 102, I say no. But against an aggressive striker that's only been out of the first round once  in his UFC career, Vera would be forced to prove that he's not just taking up space on the main cards of PPV events.

6) BJ Penn vs. Josh Koscheck - One of my favorite fights of all time was BJ Penn/Matt Hughes 2. An in-shape BJ against a bigger, strong wrestler could be a recipe for an equally exciting bout. Koscheck isn't well-rounded enough to massacre Penn GSP-style. Rather, he's good enough to give the Prodigy one hell of a fight. If BJ gets tired of the lightweight division after the Diego fight, a fight with Koscheck is a definite possibility.

7) Tito Ortiz vs. Dan Henderson - You have one big wrestler and one smaller wrestler, with the latter having KO power that can end a fight at any time. Tito wants his world title back, and a win over Hendo would put him in the running. However, there's not much chance of this happening.

8) Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie - In a stunning upset that some call a fluke, Eddie Bravo submitted Gracie by triangle choke at the 2003 ADCC tournament. Eddie would like to prove 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu critics wrong by fighting Royler in an MMA match. The UFC should try to make it happen. Casual MMA fans wouldn't care, but the BJJ world would go crazy for this fight.

9) Thiago Alves vs. Paul Daley - If both guys beat their next opponents (Paulo Thiago and Martin Kampmann), they should fight each other. Dana loves a good stand-up war, and there is no way these guys take it to the ground. Daley will have a hard time with Kampmann, but with his power, anything can happen.

10) Kurt Pellegrino vs. Roger Huerta - I'm beginning to think that Roger "I Want to Be An Actor But You Couldn't Tell By Looking At My IMDB Page" Huerta will sign a new deal with the UFC after his upcoming loss to Gray Maynard. Hollywood hasn't been kind to Huerta, and he still has a name in MMA. The aggressive Pellegrino would probably love to take it.


Special Strikeforce Bonus:

11) Nick Diaz vs. Jason "Mayhem" Miller - Nick's gone on record saying he doesn't think fighters should do things like dye their hair and paint their toenails, and has complained about guys getting more publicity than him. Well, then he'll love to fight Mayhem, a guy with pink hair AND a show on MTV! The smack talk would be epic...

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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