Why do people like Diego Sanchez?



I feel there's something I'm seriously missing here. This is not a rant to make it appear that Diego Sanchez is a can, but I do not understand how people say he will finish BJ Penn, especially early in the fight.  After 2 not so impressive fights at lightweight, im not so sure he even deserves a title shot. let me break down what i saw in his latest fight...


Clay guida

Round 1- Showed impressive hands. Granted, it was against Clay Guida who stood right in front of him and threw shots that presented to danger to Diego whatsoever, which would not work whatsoever against BJ. Also note that Guida successfully took down diego with his first attempt and with ease. Later in the room, Guida is rocked with a pretty good head kick from Diego, but Diego is unable to finish and instead grabs Guida and essentially lets him back up and allows him to recover. Later diego takes him down but doesn't do much and Guida gets up, again.


Round 2- Early in the round another easy takedown for Guida. Pretty uneventful round with Guida taking punishment from elbows from the bottom. Round could go either way.


Round 3- Back and forth standup, no one really getting the better of the other. A botched takedown from Guida leads to Diego taking his back but a few seconds later Guida slips into Diegos Guard. Diego then attempts a submission, but Guida escapes, and is in Diegos guard. The round finishes with Diego trying to get up While Guida is trying to tee off on him.


All in all, without the elbows in the second, Diego could have and Arguably would have lost the fight. even though it was against Guida, I have to admit his standup was impressive. However you cant ignore the fact that he was being controlled for the majority of the fight, and was unable to capitalize on many an opportunity that presented itself during the fight, and even appeared a bit tired towards the end, somewhat contradicting everyones praise of his better-than-BJ's cardio. let us not forget that BJ had someone constantly Laying on him (or against him) for 3 rounds. His BJJ was hardly present at all, as after multiple submission attempts none really flew too far. On the other hand BJ submitted a man who some before the fight would argue has BJJ skills that could Rival any lightweight. When BJ got a takedown on florian, he passed to mount and finished the fight soon after, when Diego got a takedown, Guida got back up. His takedown Defense was in my opinion also in question, being taken down a few time by Guida, who isn't really a lightweight GSP if you catch my drift....I don't see many ways Diego can win, nevermind dominate arguably the greatest and most well rounded lightweight of all time... opinions please?

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