Shine Fights "ATT vs. The World" Live Play-by-Play, Results and Commentary


Shine Fights holds its second event tonight in Miami, Florida, and on paper it looks like one of the year's most exciting and talent-heavy regional cards. Bloody Elbow will be here with live results and play-by-play as UFC vets Roan "Jucao" Carneiro and Jorge "Macaco" Patino square off in the main event. (Sherdog named it one of their "Tussles Worth Watching" for September.) ATT featherweight prospect Micah Miller will try to run his post-DREAM win streak to three against Anthony Morrison; Jean "White Bear" Silva also looks to win his third straight following a long injury layoff against countryman Flavio Alvaro.

Join us at 8PM EST / 5PM PST for the start of the show. The PPV is availableonline for $9.95.

Quick Results
Roan "Jucao" Carneiro (13-8) def. Jorge "Macaco" Patino (21-12-1) via Decision (Unanimous)
Yves Edwards (35-15-1) def. James Warfield (15-4) via Submission (Triangle Choke) at 4:48 of Round 2
Luiz "Buscape" Firmino (13-4) def. Ryan Healy (10-6-1) via Decision (Unanimous)
Flavio Alvaro (26-6) def. Jean Silva (17-9-3) via Decision (Majority)
Micah Miller (13-3) def. Anthony Morrison (8-7) via Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke) at 4:25 of Round 2
Junior Assuncao (9-4) def. Pete Grimes (4-5) via Decision (Split)
Herbert "Whisper" Goodman (9-7) def. James Brasco (5-2) via TKO (Punches) at 3:24 of Round 3
Brian Fuery (1-0) def. Phil Friedman (1-2) via Submission (Neck Crank) at 2:03 of Round 1

Roan "Jucao" Carneiro (12-8) vs. Jorge "Macaco" Patino (21-11-1)

Round 1: Jucao catches a Patino leg kick and rushes him into the fence, then down into half guard. Carneiro smothering and punishing Patino from the top, then Carneiro snares him in a guillotine as Patino leans forward to sweep. Patino sweeps and escapes! Now Jucao latches onto the right arm of Macaco - momentarily, it looks like he'll try for the arm triangle, but now Jucao's trying to straighten out the arm. The ref halts the action following an illegal knee to the head(?) by Macaco. No point deducted so far as I could see, though it wouldn't surprise me. Jucao drops Patino with a takedown just as the round ends. 10-9 Carneiro.

Round 2: Macaco swinging away with wild, looping punches. He's easily tripped up and taken down by Carneiro, who can't seem to work past Patino's half guard. Ref Jorge Alonso puts them back on their feet. Carneiro connects with a decent one-two, then shoots a double and just tosses Patino to the mat. Jucao still unable to advance past half guard. Patino sweeps just as the round ends. 10-9 Carneiro.

Round 3: Carneiro connects with a crisp right straight and shoots in immediately once again. He's snared in a guillotine by Macaco, but it's loose and Jucao is soon out. Jucao stuck in Patino's half guard once again, but the ref doesn't let it go for long this time. Macaco's stand up strategy consists of winging wild hooks, putting his head down and charging in. Now Patino pulls... half guard. More stalling out, and they're stood up again. Macaco connects with a big right haymaker, but Jucao is unfazed and simply takes him down again as the bout winds down. 10-9 Carneiro.

Bloody Elbow scores the bout 30-27 Carneiro.

Roan Carneiro (13-8) def. Jorge Patino (21-12-1) via Unanimous Decision


Yves Edwards (34-15-1) vs. James Warfield (15-3)

Round 1: Nice left head kick from Yves, followed by a teep, but Warfield smiles them off. Yves presses forward with a nice body kick, then puts Warfield against the cage with the over-under. Warfield reverses, but continues to eat knees to the body before being dragged down and mounted by Edwards. Check that - half guard for Yves, who is soon swept and back mounted by Warfield. Now Warfield locks up a body triangle. Yves is defending the RNC well, though eating some shots from Warfield. For the last 90 seconds, I'll say 10-9 Warfield.

Round 2: Yves drags Warfield down and takes side control, then mount, then the back of Warfield, but Warfield explodes from underneath and reverses into Yves' guard. Yves escapes to the feet and lands a few sharp knees to the body from the Thai clinch. Superman punch from Warfield backs Yves up. Yves doubles Warfield over with a sharp jab to the body. Warfield takes Yves to the mat, but Yves immediately locks up a triangle choke. After signaling to the ref that the choke wasn't in deep, Warfield gets flipped over and has no choice but to tap. Troy Waugh has to unwrap Edwards' legs from Warfield as Yves gives him a little extra for holding out on the tap.

Yves Edwards (35-15-1) def. James Warfield (15-4) via Submission (Triangle Choke) at 4:48 of Round 2


Luiz "Buscape" Firmino (12-4) vs. Ryan Healy (10-5-1)

Round 1: Big right hand from Buscape stuns Healy, who's quickly picked up and deposited on his back by the Brazilian. Firmino smothers from half guard, then takes side control, quickly back mounts Healy and flattens him out. Healy turns over and Buscape sinks in a deep arm-triangle choke. Healy rolls to his side and escapes! This angers Buscape, who pounds on Healy's head until he stands and relents his back again. Healy escapes and puts Firmino back in full guard. Back on the feet, Healy stuffs a Firmino double, but succumbs to another trip. Healy sweeps and almost lands an illegal knee to the face of Buscape on their way up. 10-9 Firmino.

Round 2: After a moment of exchanging on the feet - which includes Firmino knocking out Healy's mouthpiece - Buscape drags Healy down and takes side mount. Now the Brazilian takes Healy's back and tries the RNC, but Healy escapes. Firmino flattens him out and pounds away until Healy flips over. Firmino not doing much from half guard, Healy puts his back on the cage and stands. Buscape slips on the loose canvas and winds up with Healy in his guard, but there's only 10 seconds left. 10-9 Firmino.

Round 3: Healy backs Buscape up with a jab, but gets taken down as he tries to follow up with a flying knee. Buscape in half guard, framing up a kimura on Healy's left arm. As he tries to step over, Buscape slips off Healy's back and is forced to take him down again. Healy sweeps immediately and pushes Buscape against the cage from the top. Buscape sweeps out and catches an accidental upkick to the grill from Healy. The ref deducts a point; pretty harsh if you ask me, but it shouldn't matter much on the cards. 60 seconds left and Buscape is on top, still trying to finish with a kimura, but Healy pushes him back to full guard. 10-8 Firmino.

Bloody Elbow scores the bout 30-26 Firmino.

Luiz Firmino (13-4) def. Ryan Healy (10-6-1) via Unanimous Decision


Flavio Alvaro (25-6) vs. Jean Silva (17-8-3)

Round 1: Silva comes out throwing murderous hooks, then presses against the cage. Alvaro tries to spin out and take the White Bear down, but Silva displays fantastic balance and comes out on top, in Flavio's half guard. Alvaro executes a nice half guard sweep as Silva tries to frame up a kimura, but the Rio Heroes vet can't escape completely. Now he does, and Alvaro works from side control. Silva throws knees to the body of Alvaro from the bottom and escapes. A fancy capoeira kick from Silva partially connects with Alvaro's dome. 10-9 Silva.

Round 2: Both men slugging away at the start of the second frame before Alvaro lifts Silva up with a single leg and slams him to the ground. A tired looking Alvaro works from half guard, smothering the fresher but smaller Silva, who can't seem to sweep out. Silva regains full guard, and the ref eventually stands them up. Alvaro picks Silva up to slam him, but Silva is latched on to the cage. Referee Troy Waugh halts the action and deducts a point from Silva. 10-8 Alvaro.

Round 3: Silva winds up underneath Alvaro and tries for a heel hook, then a toe hold, but the much longer Alvaro turtles up and avoids the submission. Alvaro takes mount and looks for an arm-triangle. Silva escapes to his feet and Alvaro clambers up on his back, but he's too high and Silva slips out the backdoor. Silva pumping the jab now as Alvaro preses forward. Now Alvaro stuffs a Silva single leg and takes side control, then north-south momentarily. The ref stands them up and Alvaro screams at Silva to turn it on with 20 seconds left in the bout. Both men raise their hands as soon as the bell sounds. I'll give it to Alvaro 10-9.

Bloody Elbow scores the bout 29-27 Alvaro.

Flavio Alvaro (26-6) def. Jean Silva (17-9-3) via Majority Decision


Micah Miller (12-3) vs. Anthony Morrison (8-6)

Round 1: Miller wrestles Morrison against the cage, throwing some knees to the face from the Thai plum. Morrison is docked a point by ref Alonso as he grabs onto the cage when Miller tries a trip takedown. Miller eventually trips him down anyway and takes Morrison's back with ease. Hooks sunk in, Miller's lankiness is almost working against him as he tries to sneak his arm under the chin of the much smaller Morrison for the RNC. The round expires with Miller on his man's back. 10-8 Miller.

Round 2: Miller snares a guillotine and pulls guard, but Morrison wrestles loose and stands back up. After a few botched trip attempts, Miller gets the same takedown as last round and again sinks both hooks in, and now with much more time left in the round. Micah locks up the body triangle with 90 seconds left. Morrison rolls and Miller takes side control, cinching up a tight arm triangle which Morrison is forced to tap to after a moment struggling. The ring girls go wild.

Micah Miller (13-3) def. Anthony Morrison (8-7) via Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke) at 4:25 of Round 2


Junior Assuncao (8-4) vs. Pete Grimes (4-4)

Grimes was a late replacement for Gideon Ray. He weighed in at 149 for the lightweight bout.

Round 1: Grimes with some sturdy leg kicks early on, but Junior puts the late replacement's back on the cage. Grimes circles out and connects again with a hard leg kick, but the follow-up flurry of punches doesn't connect as Assuncao backpedals. This time Grimes connects with a kick to the body, and Junior gives him one back. Grimes tries a flashy spinning backfist and winds up on his back with Assuncao in full guard. Now half guard. Assuncao stands and dives past the upkicking legs of Grimes into side control, connecting with a couple solid punches on his way down. Junior takes full mount, but Grimes sweeps out from underneath! 30 seconds left. The round ends with the two tentatively exchanging on the feet. 10-9 Assuncao.

Round 2: Grimes with a big wheel kick, then a hard teep and a spinning heel kick, the last of which gets him placed on his back against the cage by Assuncao. After a few minutes of Assuncao trying to work past the guard of Grimes, he stands, and the ref sends him to a neutral corner to fix some tape on his gloves. They restart and Junior connects with a nice front kick to the face of Grimes. 10-9 Assuncao.

Round 3: Assuncao slams Grimes to the mat and takes side control. Junior works his right leg over the left arm of Grimes, but Grimes gets the limb loose before Assuncao can take the armbar. Grimes pops back up, only to be taken down againt seconds later. Midway through the round -- according to announcer Jorge Gurgel, 'cause there's no fight clock -- and it looks like Assuncao is on his way to a decision win. Junior stands and dives past Grimes' guard with a nice pass, then takes mount. Junior goes back to side control, looking for an armbar or kimura, but can't get it and settles for unleashing a flurry of elbows from the top when he hears the 10 second clack. 10-9 Assuncao.

Bloody Elbow scores the bout 30-27 Assuncao.

The judges' scorecards aren't announced, but it's a split decision. I could understand scoring the first round for Grimes, but the second and third were all Assuncao.

Junior Assuncao (9-4) def. Pete Grimes (4-5) via Split Decision


James Brasco (5-1) vs. Herbert Goodman (8-7)

Round 1: Whisper clips Brasco with a stiff right as Brasco shoots in for a double, but Brasco presses forward and muscles Goodman against the cage. Brasco trips Goodman up and puts him on his back, quickly moving to half guard with his left foot trapped in. Goodman doing a good job to tie up and avoid punishment on the bottom, but Brasco extracts his leg and moves to side control, then full mount. Brasco sneaking in right hands as Goodman covers up. Whisper bucks and rolls, nearly gets caught in an armbar but is able to escape. He takes the back of the BJJ stylist Brasco and begins softening him with punches, looking for the RNC. The round ends with Goodman unable to finish off a loose choke. Close round, very evenly split, but I'd say 10-9 Brasco.

Round 2: Brasco hits with the immediate takedown and moves to side control. He spins to Goodman's right and tries to sink in a north-south choke, but both fighters look fatigued and Goodman is able to fend it off. Brasco takes full mount, but mounts nearly no offense, and bafflingly relinquishes it for side control, prompting referee Jorge Alonso to stand them up. Goodman drills him with a few nice shots as the round expires. 10-9 Brasco.

Round 3: Brasco looks for a takedown, but Goodman ties him up and pushes him against the cage. Whisper shoots a couple knees up the middle before Brasco escapes and cracks him with his best punch of the fight. Brasco clinching against the cage now and finally drags Goodman to the mat. Brasco takes full mount once more, and again moves back to half guard. Same as last time, Alonso stands them up and Whisper immediately rushes the exhausted Brasco with hard shots. Brasco shoots a sloppy takedown, but Goodman puts him on the bottom instead and pounds away with hammerfists until the ref sees Brasco stop struggling.

Herbert Goodman (9-7) def. James Brasco (5-2) via TKO (Punches) at 3:24 of Round 3


Phil Friedman (1-1) vs. Brian Fuery (debut)

Round 1: Both men standing in the pocket and throwing hard but sloppy straight punches in rapid succession. The former NFL player Fuery hits a double and takes side control. Fuery traps the right arm of Friedman and unleashes a barrage of right hands, but Friedman rolls out and escapes to his feet. As Friedman presses Fuery against the cage, Fuery again traps his opponent's head and left arm and twists him to the ground with sheer strength. Friedman struggles for a moment, then taps to the schoolyard style neck crank.

Brian Fuery (1-0) def. Phil Friedman (1-2) via Submission (Neck Crank) at 2:03 of Round 1

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