Bizzaro World: Mayweather "Humbled", Dana White Praises Boxing/PBF, Golden Boy Says All UFC PPV Numbers Leaked Are Fake


Kevin Iole has some great quotes regarding the aftermath of the UFC vs Boxing PPV feud.  First Dana praises boxing:

White said he thought before the fights, a home run for Mayweather-Marquez would have been 650,000. But he said Friday he had been hearing from his contacts that the fight may have reached as high as 1.6 million.

"I’m an emotional guy and if we’d only have done 100,000, or barely above 100,000, I would be suicidal," White said. "Bottom line, we did a good number and we still got our asses kicked. What they did was phenomenal and I’m happy for them. This was our fourth pay-per-view in two months (actually 10 weeks) and we still did a great number, but this was only their second all year.

"We honestly thought we’d do our number and that if they knocked it out of the park, they’d do around 650,000. We are ecstatic with the number we did, but they did a huge, huge number."


Dana then goes on and praises Mayweather as being one of the best boxers in the world.

He said the success of the two shows on the same night shows the interest in combat sports.

“I’m a true boxing fan and I’m happy for them, but what that number they pulled shows is the promise of combat sports,” White said.

“We’re kicking ass on pay-per-view. This was their second (major) pay- per-view. We do 13 a year, plus we put fights on free TV. Clearly, combat sports are more alive now than they’ve been in a long time.

“This shows that people are willing to stay at home on a Saturday night and watch a good fight. Do I think they delivered a good fight?

No. I think Mayweather is the best boxer in the world, and maybe one of the best of all-time, but that was a (expletive) fight. The thing we deliver is consistency, where once a show we give you that, ‘Holy (expletive),’ moment and you turn off the TV happy.”


If that is not shocking enough, then we have a quote from Mayweather being "humbled" of the success of the event.  Not only that, but bigger fights were coming in the near future:

In a statement released by his publicist, Mayweather said he was "humbled" by the card’s pay-per-view success. He also hinted at big fights in the future.

"I returned to boxing to fight the best, and that’s what I intend to do," Mayweather said in a statement.


If that is not enough for, Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer from Golden Boy said that the UFC puts out fake PPV numbers out to the public, and that he would challenge Dana White and the UFC to do an audit and see who does how many PPV's.  Arum said that UFC 100 barely did 1 million PPV's, and not the a 1.6 million being put out by the UFC. First he dished out on UFC 103:

Schaefer suggested UFC 103 barely topped 100,000 buys. He said the performance of Mayweather-Marquez clearly established Mayweather as the successor to Oscar De La Hoya as the industry’s pay-per-view king.

Dana's response:

White continuously boasted that his card would best the Mayweather card at the pay-per-view box office. He said UFC 103 did far more than 100,000 buys, but he conceded that boxing scored a heavy victory.


The projected numbers for UFC 103 have been 350-375K by most, including Meltzer.  Then, Schaefer went off on other UFC PPV's, including the highly touted UFC 100:

Schaefer questioned the legitimacy of UFC pay-per-view results that were leaked. He said HBO is a publicly traded company that would face serious repercussions for releasing false numbers. The UFC, he noted, is a private company with no such concerns.

"I think the UFC and boxing should be able to co-exist and work together in this thing that we call (combat) sports," Schaefer said.

"I don’t want to talk (expletive) about the UFC. But Dana White can’t do an interview without knocking boxing. If he thinks we’re idiots and don’t know anything about the pay-per-view business, I’ll make him a challenge.

"I am willing to hire one of the top three accounting firms, at my expense, and do an audit of his pay-per-view results. They are nowhere near what is put into the public. There is talk that UFC 100 did 1.6 million, but it barely broke a million. I am willing to pay to have the audits done to prove this."


Dana White's response:

White said he would not allow anyone other than fighters with a contractual right to do so to audit his numbers.

"Do you think I’m (expletive) crazy?" he said.


What does it all mean? Tito, Dana, Mayweather, Lesnar, Manny, Mayorga, TO, and other sporting athletes and promoters want to thank you for giving your money to them for playing the "heel".  On a side note, I have heard that most of these guys mentioned are some of the nicest people in the world, you know, when they are not putting on their fake persona's trying to make money off of us.

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