Strikeforce Challengers: Tim Kennedy vs. Zak Cummings - Live Results and Commentary


As with every major show, will be here to bring you live results and commentary for Strikeforce Challengers: Tim Kennedy vs. Zak Cummings.  The live blog will start with the beginning of the Showtime broadcast at 11pm Eastern so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

As always we have our one rule: NO SPOILERS! In the interest of not ruining anything from the undercard that may make the broadcast we ask that you do not discuss the results of the undercard in the comments until either the broadcast ends or the fight makes the air.

So again, join us for the show and share your thoughts as the event unfolds.

It's 11:00pm and the broadcast has started!

Daniel Cormier vs. Gary Frazier - Round 1 -Cormier pushing forward and Frazier looking to stay outside.  Jab lands for Frazier.  Cormier lands a punch and Frazier fails on a takedown adn eats a knee.  Daniel throwing  some big shots.  Frazier kind of runs away and then tries to shoot for a takedown.  It's clear that this is his first pro fight.  Frazier is turtled up and Cormier is riding him landing punches.  Frazier tries to explode up and trips ending up on his back.  Cormier ends up in side control taking crucifix position.  He lands a lot of punishment but Frazier is able to stand up.  He runs away, turns and then lands a punch.  They're back to standing.  Frazier is just loading up on his right hand and isn't landing.  The round ends and I had it 10-9 Cormier.  Round 2 - Jab for Frazier lands.  Right hand for Cormier and he charges in for a takedown.  Single leg attempt by Cormier and Frazier uses the cage to avoid and just gets a warning.  Now Frazier SPRINTS away.  This is an embarrassing fight.  Cormier looks for the takedown and he can't get it.  Frazier goes down after tring a knee and now Cormier is on top in the half guard landing big hammer fists.  Full mount now for Cormier.  Cormier isn't throwing much of anything as far as strikes, now Frazier gives up his back and Cormier throws some punches forcing the ref to stop it.  Not fight.  Daniel Cormier wins by TKO (strikes), round 2.

Thomas Longacre vs. Travis Calanoc - Round 1- Calanoc tring to get in and out while Longacre takes the center and is stalking.  Longacre throws a flurry and knocks him back into the fence.  Calanoc tries to close distance and eats a flurry and then a low kick.  Longacre is just blitzing him whenever he wants.  Superman punch by Calanoc is countered.  Calanoc catches him hard!  Longacre is hurt!  Calanoc is connecting again with the knee and Longacre is hurt badly.  Longacre looks like he is back on steady legs now.  Longacre throws a low kick and Calanoc sweeps him but ends up on bottom.  No real damage landed and they're back to standing.  I think Calanoc stole the round by rocking him twice.  10-9 round Travis.  Round 2- Longacre comes out strong pushing forward. Right hand lands hard for Longacre and a great leg  kick.  Knee lands for Calanoc.  Three punch combo and a head kick by Longacre.  This round has been mostly Longacre doing whatever he wants as Calanoc stopped throwing full speed and he is getting punished by Longacre's aggressive strikes.  Calanog almost has a guillotine but he doesn't manage to get full guard which makes the escape easy for Longacre.  10-9 Longacre to tie it on my card.  Round 3- More of the same with Longacre dominating and Calanoc having a half-way in guillotine attempt.  Two spinning back fists miss by Calanoc. There really isn't much to write about here, Longacre is aggressive and landing a lot of leg kicks while Calanoc keeps trying for guillotines that aren't anywhere near close to sunk in.  Another guillotine attempt fails.  The round ends with both guys flurrying and it was not anywhere near as fun as the announcers want to make it sound (Pat just said it's as exciting a fight as you're ever going to see).  10-9 Longacre gives him the fight 29-28.  Official Scorecards:  30-27 across the board.  Thomas Longacre wins by unanimous decision.

Tyron Woodley vs. Zach Light - Round 1 -Light is bouncing around as Woodly whips strikes at him.  Widest punch in the world by Light.  Nice leg kick by Light.  Slam by Woodley.  He is in Light's half guard landing small strikes and now pushes him up against the cage.  Woodley going for arm triangle and he doesn't spin his body out to finish, instead moving back to mount and landing strikes.  The round ends and I'm honestly a little disappointed that Woodley didn't finish that round.  10-9 Woodley.  Round 2- Woodley with a right hand and Light now gets cranked by a knee/punch combo.  Now Woodley drops him with a double leg.  Another attempt at the arm triangle is survived by light.  And now another.  Woodley REALLY needs to finish Light here.  They're back to standing and again Woodley with the big takedown and passes to mount.  This time Light gives up the arm and Woodley takes it home with him.  Tyron Woodley wins by submission (armbar), round 2.

Ray Sefo vs. Kevin Jordan - Round 1 - Heavy leg kicks by Sefo and Jordan charges in with a takedown attempt but Sefo rolls him and ends up on top.  Jordan gains guard.  Sefo gets rolled now and Jordan gets side control.  Some punches landing for Jordan and now he goes for an armlock and can't finish it.  Jordan moves to mount now and is landing some good punches but Sefo is surviving.  This is the third fight on the broadcast where a guy had mount for a prolonged period of time and couldn't finish.  Weird.  10-8 Jordan on my card.  Round 2 - Jordan with a desperate takedown attempt and it looks like he hurt his knee.  Sefo dives in to throw punches and stands up.  Jordan tries to stand up and falls back down but for some reason the ref doesn't stop the fight and Sefo lands another punch before the fight is finally stopped.  Ray Sefo wins by TKO (injury), round 2.

Tim Kennedy vs. Zak Cummings - Round 1 - Kennedy with the early takedown and is in half guard.  Kennedy to mount and Cummings gives up his back.  Now turns back into the mount.  Kennedy is just pounding on him.  This is brutal.  More big shots and Cummings turns and regains half guard.  Again Kennedy passes to full mount and lands a couple bombs.  More big shots and the round ends.  10-8 Kennedy easy.  Round 2- Kennedy landing punches as they're standing up and Cummings is just kind of flailing around.  Cummings actually landing a couple shots now.  Kennedy landing a kick now and going for a standing choke and he can't finish.  They clinch agaiainst the cage and Kennedy lands some shots.  Kennedy again with a choke attempt.  They go to the ground and Kennedy finishes him with the north-south choke.  Tim Kennedy wins by submission (north-south choke), round 2.

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