Frank Trigg not cut from the UFC

MMAJUNKIE is reporting that Frank Trigg will get another fight in The UFC.

"Maybe it was a change of plans. Or a change of heart. Or simply a matter of the Ultimate Fighting Championship again listening to what the fans overwhelmingly wanted.

Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: Frank Trigg will get another UFC fight."

Personally, I thought it was very unfair for Trigg to immediately get cut after losing his return fight to a top 10 welterweight.


"They said I'll get one more shot, another fight, to prove I belong here," Trigg told "If I win, they've got to keep me around. If I lose and it's back-to-back losses, they'll probably drop me, rightfully so."

"No disrespect to Koscheck, but the fight only went a minute (and) 40 (seconds), and he only got in one good shot," Trigg said. "In my mind, nothing really happened. I got caught. We could fight again, and I think it would be an entirely different outcome."


Before Koscheck they offered him a fight against Johny Hendricks, but didn't accept.

"My understanding when I signed my deal – well, at first, they offered me a fight with Johny Hendricks," Trigg said. "But I didn't want that fight because I know Johny and used to train him. A couple weeks later, they offered me Josh Koscheck. They said, 'We gave Josh a couple options, and he chose you too."

Here's also an interesting quote:

"They basically said, 'If you lose, we have to keep you for one more fight since Josh is a top-five guy and it's such a tough fight,"  he said. "That's why I was so surprised that Dana said that I was being cut."

Can you blame the guy for being a bit surprised about possibly being cut right after the fight? Hopefully he takes an easier fight if he plans on staying and retiring in the UFC.


BTW, I suck at these... How can I put up a pic? I tried almost everything and it wouldn't show the pic.

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