Juan Manuel Marquez Crushed By Floyd Mayweather, but Dana White Unimpressed

Dan Rafael reports:

Mayweather put on a pure boxing clinic, pasting Juan Manuel Marquez in as comprehensive a performance as you will ever see in a unanimous decision victory before 13,116 (mostly Marquez fans on Mexican Independence Day weekend) on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

There wasn't one minute of true competition in the fight, as Mayweather simply ran roughshod over the smaller man.

"I've been off for two years so I felt like it took me a couple rounds to really know I was back in the ring again," he said. "And I know I'll get better."

That's the scary part. But the frustrating part was he missed a golden opportunity to close the show in style.

He left Marquez's face a swollen mess. Gave him a bloody nose, too. Oh, and he also deposited him on the canvas in the second round after landing a hybrid left hook/uppercut on Marquez's chin.

It wasn't just that Mayweather was bigger; he was also more technical and faster. The numbers, particularly in this case, do not lie:

Still, the CompuBox statistics were eye-catching in their landslide nature.

Mayweather landed 290 of 493 (59 percent) blows to Marquez's 69 of 583 (12 percent). Mayweather's jab was also dominant as he connected with 185 of 316 (59 percent) to Marquez's 21 of 288 (7 percent).

As for entertainment value, my sense of things is that the fight was captivating in its domination if predictable after a few rounds. Mayweather did turn up the heat in the later rounds, something he can do but generally avoids, but was never able to put Marquez away. That result prompted Dana White to offer a rather unfair, less than complimentary review of the fight:

"It sucked just like I thought it would, just like I knew it would," White said of Mayweather’s unanimous decision victory over Juan Manuel Marquez in his first fight in nearly two years.

"It was a horrendous. It went to a 12-round boring decision."

As for what's next, Bad Left Hook takes a look at possible contenders. Like Atlas, most fans want Pacquiao to defeat Cotto thereby setting up a mega fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao.

So the obvious question: who won the night, UFC 103 or boxing? We'll have to be patient as the true PPV numbers roll in, but the early (if somewhat crude) signs of Google trends point toward Mayweather winning the day:

If we have to pick a winner judging from the top ten its a decision for Mayweather/Marquez. The return of ‘Money’ Mayweather to the ring gets the top spot–specifically the term ‘Mayweather vs Marquez play by play’. The UFC shows up in 7th place with ‘Rich Franklin vs Vitor Belfort fight video’, but boxing gets another term in the top ten with ‘Shane Mosley’. Mosley challenged Mayweather in the ring after his dominating unanimous decision victory.

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