DREAM.12 Confirmed For Cage, Parky Challenges Kikuno and Melendez, Sengoku Loading Up For Bright Future


I previously posted about the mystery that surrounded DREAM.12.  It was thought that a cage or some sort of hybrid was going to be used at that event to host not only DREAM fighters, but DEEP and Strikeforce fighters as well.  It seems that we received some sort of confirmation today from DREAM's Sasahara along with other exciting news, via Nightmare Of Battle:

The contents of the new issues of the Japanese MMA magazines are out (Kamipro, Gonkaku, and Kakutogi Tsuushin). Below are some of the interesting ones.

FEG’s Tanigawa: "K-1 won’t go bankrupt you know~~~!"

Gomi (VTJ09): "This might be my last fight in Japan."

Cage Force champion Yuji Hoshino in SENGOKU.

Ryo Chonan to DREAM? SENGOKU? or…

Why is Satoshi Ishii studying traditional karate?
Satoshi Ishii with the Japan Karate Association (8th dan Masahiko Tanaka & 7th dan Takenori Imura)

Will the theme of SENGOKU’s new name be "the strongest man"?

WVR PR Kokuho (New Years): "I definitely want Gomi to appear. Kitaoka will also receive an offer."

Will 22 year old Korean Parky challenge the cage of DREAM?!
"I want to fight Kikuno and Melendez. Kikuno’s crescent kick will be his weak point as well."

DREAM.12 will be in a cage. DREAM EP Sasahara: "I don’t think that an 8-sided cage (octagon) is the global standard."

New DEEP champion Takafumi Otsuka: "At the DREAM cage event I want top fight a name (someone known) at 63 kg."


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Some of the pictures of what we can expect the cage to look like:



Key points from the articles:

1) FEG and K-1 look to still stick around for a while.  It will be interesting to see what happens to DREAM after their TBS deal is up.  Sengoku is really closing in on them and by NYE, could surpass them with Izumi and Ishii as big Japanese stars.

2) Sengoku seems to have a nice relationship with Cage Force, and Yuji Hoshino appears to be another solid addition to their ever growing roster. Hoshino is the current Cage Force champ who has 8 wins and 3 draws in his last 11 match ups.  He was last defeated by Daisuke Nakamura 5 years ago.

3) The Gomi situation is very interesting.  Gomi is fighting in the VTJ 09 event, but wants to fight in America afterward (already had discussions with both the UFC and Strikeforce).  Sengoku, on the other hand,  wants him to fight on their NYE show and is willing to do whatever they can to make that happen.  This situation may get very interesting.

4) Korean phenom, Won Sik "Parky" Park (7-1-1), has been rumored to be fighting in DREAM, and that looks to be the case in DREAM.12.  He is now challenging Kikuno, who is rumored to possibly be facing Eddie Alvarez, and Gilbert Melendez, who is coming off a devastating win over the "Endless" one Mitsuhiro Ishida.  Parky, like Kikuno, are some of the top prospects in DEEP being "promoted" to the bigger shows, like DREAM in this instance.  These fighters will be huge for DREAM, and proving themselves in DREAM will mean a great deal for the future Japanese talent that is being groomed at the moment.

5) Finally, we have the mysterious DREAM.12 event.  Hyped up as the "experimental" event, is said to be held in a cage, which will make it the first big Japanese promotion to hold and event in one.  Not only that, but it will be host fighters from different promotions: DEEP fighters (Kikuno, Parky, Otsuka, etc), Strikeforce fighters (Nick Diaz, etc), and their own DREAM fighters and champions.  DREAM.12 will be a huge event for DREAM, and will surely catapult the promotion to their always successful and bigger than life NYE show, which should be gigantic this year.  It is still up in the air whether Sengoku and DREAM will air their events on the same day, start a war between the two,  or work with each other.  A lot of questions will be answered in the upcoming months.


Sengoku looks to have a bright future in Japan as well:



Sengoku X Poster featuring Izumi:



A favorite of mine:



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