Bloody Elbow Betting Game: UFC 103 and Results for UFC Fight Night 19

~ Statistics by Camp for UFC Fight Night 19 ~


MMA4Real has come up with the ingenious plan of having 17 of their 18 members not compete. This leaves their remaining member the ability to pull their average in screwed directions. Bravo. As for us, I do not know what we are doing. UFC 103 Playground lines are in the extended entry.

Bringing home the camp gold for most points awarded through correct fight predictions is Beren. His 75 points is good enough for #28 out of the 4719 issuing picks on MMA Playground for Fight Night 19.

The camp's top earner from wagers is Shatto1, whose $51,638 in winnings comes from a $21,614 parlay on Condit, Maynard, and Quarry; and $21,615 on a straight bet on Maynard. That was the second highest payout coming off the Wednesday event Playground-wide and puts Shatto1 in 5th over the entire season with a total of $94,867 in fake bucks. Congrats to both.

Important: If you wish to join the BE betting camp, send me a message on MMA Playground with your BE user name or leave a comment in this thread so I can send you an invite. Please make sure your MMA Playground login name is the same as your BE name or as close as possible so we can give you the proper credit.

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~ Point Leaders From Entire Field (4 of 10 Events) ~


~ Earnings Leaders From Entire Field (4 of 10 Events) ~


~ Earnings Leaders for UFC Fight Night 19 ~


~ Full Camp Results for UFC Fight Night 19 ~





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