Floyd Mayweather Jr. Blasts Rich Franklin, UFC, MMA (Correction: The Interview is Fake)

CORRECTION: the interview is a FAKE.. Cage Report posted fake quotes about Mayweather and MMA (no one should quote from that site again. ever)...

I found the article from the news tab of the UG, and assumed it was legit, until the people in the comments section brought it up.. I got fooled and I am truly sorry for posting fake news.


Bob Arum already blasted MMA a few days ago, and now it's Floyd Mayweather's turn. He will be facing Juan Manuel Marquez in a high profile match up that is also going head to head with UFC 103 this coming weekend. The former no.1 pound-for-pound boxer gave his thoughts on the UFC's headliner, Rich Franklin:


Who’s Rich Franklin? There’s 8 year old kids just starting out in my gym who punch better than that guy. I’ve seen that guy try to punch and felt sorry for him, embarrassed for him – I think Roger [Mayweather] still has some spaces left in the beginners class, might want to get the basics down before he goes head to head with me. I mean come on, until he generates a revenue of 2.5 million he don’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as Floyd Mayweather let alone be trying to compete with me. What you’re getting here is two of the best pound for pound fighters in the world going at it to determine who is number one, what they got there is two journeymen, bar room fighters who can’t tell a fish hook from a check hook.

He then went on to prove that boxers are better than MMA fighters by using Tim Sylvia's fight as an example:

Look, I just watched an ex-UFC heavyweight champ, some overweight unathletic chump get one punched by an over the hill broken boxer, Mercer. Don’t get me wrong, I love Big Ray but his best days are behind him and he one punched an ex-champ, what more do I need to say? Just imagine what happens if a heavyweight contender lays hands on a MMA fighter. We both know wthat the aftermath will look like.

Mayweather makes the case of being the PPV king, because his mega fight against Ricky Hatton already 'beat' the UFC before:

Look, I already went head on with the UFC in my fight against [Ricky] Hatton, we all know how that turned out and the same is gonna happen again on September 19th. I’m gonna give the people at home something to talk about the next day; everyone is going to be talking about the Floyd Mayweather fight that was on last night. Ain’t gonna be no one talking about those two guys who rolled around on the floor for 3 rounds. That’s why I was and still am the PPV king.

The criticism doesn't end there, as the outspoken boxer went on and called MMA a side show act:

The main difference between Boxing and MMA is the fact that boxing is a real sport and requires skill to reach the top. When you watch boxing you know you ain’t [going to] see some WWE clown walk in and take the belt after a couple fights. It ai’nt happening. That’s because it takes years to perfect and master the sweet science, MMA is nothing more than a sideshow act that probably won’t even be around in 10 years time. Boxing ain’t going anywhere, write that down. If so many people want to watch those guys fight then why isn’t Dana White paying them like it?

This is coming from Floyd 'Money' Mayweather so nothing here really surprises me, but there is one thing that I'd like to point out. The UFC card he beat with his mega-fight against Ricky Hatton, was The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale. He compared one of boxing's major PPV events to a UFC reality show that was shown for free on Spike TV. And not that it matters really, but Mayweather-Hatton, one of boxing's biggest events that year, reportedly had 850,000 PPV buys, while the TUF 6 Finale had 2.5 million viewers and peaked at 2.9 million.

HT: Cage Report

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