WEC 42 Miguel Torres vs Brian Bowles: Live Results and Commentary

Miguel_torres_vs As with every major show we'll be here to bring you live results and commentary for WEC 42: Miguel Torres vs Brian Bowles.  The live blog will start with the beginning of the Versus broadcast at 9pm ET/6pm PT so be sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

As always we ask that you respect the golden rule of  NO SPOILERS!  So, join me for the show and share your thoughts as the event unfolds.

The live broadcast from Las Vegas has begun. Here we go.

First up, a fight that was expected to be on the preliminary card but is on live TV for time reasons.

Leonard Garcia vs. Jameel Massouh -- Round 1 Steve Mazzagatti calls out the fighters. Garcia scores first with a jab. Masshouh leg kicks. They exchange with Garcia getting the better of it. Massouh connecting with leg kicks, Garcia pawing with punches, cutting off the cage. Garcia DROPS Massouh with a right hand and follows him down, pounding his opponent from inside the guard. Garcia gets half-guard, then maintains head control as Massouh stands, landing knees to the face. Garcia fends off a take down attempt, is forced into the cage, then Massouh gets him down. Massouh in half-guard, working to pass. Massouh working for moutn and landing elbows. Garcia gets back to guard. Garcia spins for an arm bar, nothing doing. Massouh on top scoring as the round ends. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 Garcia for the knock down. Round 2 They circle, Massouh has his hands UP, Garcia stalking. Massouh scores with a leg kick, goes for a takedown, Garcia gets a guillotine and has guard. Massouh fought it off. Mir says Garcia wasn't really putting the squeeze on. Massouh gets half guard, has Garcia's head and legs cradled, back to half-guard with Massouh landing elbows. Cradling Garcia again from half guard, now Massouh working a d'arce choke, Garcia stands then staggers down before Massouh releases the choke. Garcia is staggered as they return to stand up. They clinch with Garcia backed into the cage. They exchange in the clinch to end the round. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 for Massouh. Round 3 Garcia moving forward, throws a high kick. Garcia winging punches and missing. Massouh with a leg kick. Garcia answers in kind. Massouh with body kicks into a clinch. Garcia fights his way out, back to the center of the ring. Garcia with a spinning back kick. Winging bombs but missing. Garcia circling away, Massouh shoots, gets the clinch. Garcia gets away. More missed shots. Some landing now. Massouh returns fire. Going to be a hard one to call. Frank Mir thinks Massouh has let the fight get away from him. Garcia seems to disagree. Me too. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 Massouh for a final outcome of 29-28. Let's see what the judges say after the commercial. Split decision for Leonard Garcia.

Takeya Mizugaki vs. Jeff Curran Round 1 Curran has shaved his head into some sort of crop circle configuration, is wearing flag pants. They're feinting early, Curran grabs a leg off a kick, Mizugaki stays standing. Up against the fence, Curran working for the high crotch, Mizugaki maintaining an underhook. They separate briefly, then back to the single leg attempt by Curran. They're down on their knees but still no take down for Curran. He's dropping and rising, kicking for a trip, no dice. Mizugaki gets over-unders and reverses. Mizugaki gets the take down, but is now in Curran's closed guard. Takeya rears back, working ground and pound, landing elbows and punches. Curran spins for an arm bar, misses but grabs the ankle and gets a sweep to get Mizugaki's back. Mizugaki is able to spin back into Curran's guard. Curran with double unders and butterfly guard but nothing comes of it. Very very close round but Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 for Mizugaki.  Round 2 Mizugaki moving forward, Curran with some stomp kicks. Curran circling to his right, away from Mizugaki's power. Curran lands a side kick, fires a high kick. Mizugaki tags him with some punches then forces Curran into the cage. Curran has overhooks with his hands locked, breaks then Mizugaki gets a hip toss take down. Mizugaki in Curran's closed guard, trying to find range for some ground and pound. Curran tries for a triangle. Curran spinning, working for sweeps and another triangle. Curran going for a guillotine, closes guard. I know the judges will disagree, but Bloody Elbow scores it for Curran, 10-9. Round 3 They come out firing. Curran shoots behind an overhand right. Mizugaki gets another takedown, that could ice the fight for him, depending what the judges are looking for. Curran attacking with triangle and guillotine attempts, also working for sweeps. Curran punching and kicking from the bottom. Chopping leg sweep attempt. Curran taking all the initiative. Mizugaki lands some elbows. Mizugaki turtling, then rearing back and diving in behind punches. Curran working for an inverted arm bar. No go. Curran with a body triangle  moves to a triangle choke in a beautiful sequence, now attacking the arm. Curran on top, landing shots and working for the choke. Mizugaki back to the top to end the fight. Definitely 10-9 for Jeff Curran, so Bloody Elbow scores the fight 29-28 for Jeff Curran. We'll see if the judges disagree again. Split Decision goes to Takeya Mizugaki. Definitive proof that American judges will never give the win to the man fighting from his back.

WEC and Versus officials have got to be praying for a couple of quick fights after a succession of lengthy decisions.

They're teasing the WEC 43 Lightweight interim title fight between Donald Cerrone vs. Benson Henderson. Youngstown, Ohio is a good choice for a WEC card, folks in that part of the country are definitely looking for affordable distractions.

Ricardo Lamas vs. Danny Castillo Round 1 The two wrestlers come out throwing punches before Castillo shoots and gets stuffed. Back to cage center, Castillo is backing Lamas up and throwing punches. Nothing connecting. High kick misses then a leg kick connects for Lamas, another. High kick connects for Lamas.  More leg kicks for Lamas. They clinch, Lamas forces Castillo back against the fence. Back to the center of the cage. Lamas scores with a leg kick to end the round. BE scores it 10-9 for Lamas. Hope the pace picks up in Round 2 They exchange to open. Castillo drives in and eats some leather. Castillo shoots, nothing doing. Castillo winging punches but missing. Lamas checks a leg kick, fires back. Lamas scores with a right hand. Castillo shoots, Lamas sprawls. Lamas scores with a combination. Castillo scores with a combo. Lamas answers with a straight and a head kick. Castillo with a right to the body, but eats a head shot in return. Castillo with a hard body shot. Lamas with a body kick. Castillo scores with a huge overhand! Follows him down and finishes the fight. Harley Davidson Shifting Gears Moment! Danny Castillo by TKO at 4:15 of Round 2.

Joseph Benavidez vs. Dominick Cruz  Round 1 They come out swinging. Benavidez gets taken down off a caught kick. Cruz didn't follow him down. Now Benavidez forces Cruz against the cage. Benavidez goes for a guillotine choke, gets taken down. Benavidez in guard, goes for a guillotine, doesn't get the sub but does get off his back. Cruz tags him with a straight right. Benavidez switches stances. They tie up and Cruz gets Benavidez down for a second but Benavidez is too tough. Wow, Cruz gets a bodylock and takes Benavidez down into full mount. Benavidez gives up his back and gets back to his feet. Some great scrambles I cannot do justice to. Very hard to score, BloodyElbow gives it to Dominick Cruz, 10-9. Round 2 Benavidez comes out aggressive.Cruz answers with a stinging combo. Benavidez goes for a guillotine. Cruz escapes. This is a classic bout and I'm sitting here slack jawed and not able to capture all the punches and scrambles. Cruz gets a take down but can't keep Benavidez down. Benavidez with a hook/spinning backpunch combo into a single leg but eats a hook from Cruz. Cruz chasing Benavidez with a combo. Tags Benavidez. Cruz chasing a bit, Benavidez firing back with hooks, another spinning back strike from Joseph. Dominick gets a lovely double leg off a punching combo into Benavidez' guard. BloodyElbow scores it 10-9 for Dominick Cruz. Great fight so far! Round 3 Lots of action to open the final round. Benavidez coming in aggressively, drops off a leg kick as he was going for a high kick. Cruz with a knee tap take down off an underhook. Benavidez fights back to his feet again! Benavidez slips. Cruz chasing, not connecting. They're getting a little sloppy late. Another take down for Cruz off a Benavidez spinning strike. But Joseph is back up instantly. Cruz gets another take down, manages to stay on top. Gets Benavidez' back. Ends the fight in dominant position. BloodyElbow scores it 10-9 and 30-27 for Dominick Cruz. We'll see if my judges curse jinxes Cruz. Dominick Cruz takes the unanimous decision.

Now we get to the headliner.

Miguel Torres vs. Brian Bowles  Here we go. Nice Johnny Cash entrance music from Brian Bowles. Mariachi in full effect for Torres. Epic cultural clash. Frank Mir declares Miguel Torres the P4P "Best American MMA Fighter", hard to argue, wonder what B.J. Penn has to say about that.  Round 1 They come out and feel each other out. No rush in a title fight. Bowles tags Torres with a right and stuns the champ. Torres moves forward, eats another. Now Bowles clinches and takes down Torres. Might be a mistake. Torres scores with three upkicks. Bowles keeps coming and is landing from the top. The crowd chants Torres. Bowles goes back to his feet. Torres scores with a combination and hurts Bowles! But Bowles fires back and drops the champ and then goes in for the kill and finishes Miguel Torres on the ground! Brian Bowles by TKO in the First Round.


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