Paulo Filho to Get Middleweight Title Shot on DREAM.11?

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According to Japan-MMA:

There are rumors that a middleweight title fight featuring Paulo Filho is in the works too. A surprise considering it was expecting to be another re-match of "Jacare" and "Mayhem".

The third fight between Jason 'Mayhem' Miller and Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza looked to be set for DREAM.11 but now, it seems like the bout is off. Jacare recently signed with Strikeforce, and there are rumors that he's being considered to face Jake Shields for the interim Strikeforce Middleweight Championship.

Mayhem Miller also commented on this via his twitter account:

F**kin Jacare is ducking me.

With their former champ Gegard Mousasi vacating the middleweight title to move up in weight, it left DREAM scrambling to put on a decent match up for the interim DREAM Middleweight title. On DREAM.9 they put Mayhem/Jacare 2 for the vacant strap, only to have the fight end in a no contest. Now, with the third fight between them in jeopardy, it seems like they're going to try and to put on another title fight with decent star power on it.

Enter Paulo Filho. The troubled former WEC middleweight champion had his fair share of weight problems and personal issues, before returning to DREAM.10 in a light heavyweight middleweight match up against Melvin Manhoef. He won the fight convincingly and looked to have his career back on track.

DREAM.11 is on October 6, and he's also set to fight at Bitetti Combat on September 12. If the reports are true, Filho will have to come out of Bitetti Combat without injuries and he'd have to cut weight twice for this title fight to push through.

Rumored DREAM.11 card so far:

Lightweight Title Fight:

Joachim Hansen (champion) 19-7-1 vs. 21-4-0 Shinya Aoki (challenger)

DREAM Featherweight GP Semi-Finals:

Hideo Tokoro 22-16-1 vs. 11-6-1 Hiroyuki Takaya
Joe Warren 2-0-0 vs. 5-2-0 Bibiano Fernandes
Reserve: Kazuyuki Miyata 7-7-0 vs. 11-5-3 Daiki "DJ Taiki" Hata

DREAM Featherweight GP Finals:

Fernandes/Warren winner vs. Takaya/Tokoro winner

SuperHulk Semi-Finals:

Ikuhisa Minowa 42-30-8 vs. Hong Choi Man 2-2-0
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou 6-4-0 vs. Gegard Mousasi 25-2-1

Middleweight Title Fight:

Paulo Filho vs. TBA?

Non-Tournament Bouts:

Andrews Nakahara vs. Zelg Galesic
Gesias "J.Z." Calvancante vs. TBA

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