MMA Gambling Spotlight: M-1 Breakthrough

Demo-poster-i-444x670_medium_mediumWhile UFC 102 is the premier event this weekend, M-1 Global's Breakthrough card in Kansas City, Kansas will be taking place tonight in what could prove to be a major money maker for MMA bettors. The card will air LIVE on HDNet at 10 PM EST, and the undercard will be streamed live on The event will be headlined by a heavyweight tilt between Mark "The Smashing Machine" Kerr and Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal with a special exhibition sparring match between Fedor Emelianenko and Gegard Mousasi. Check out a full-length preview here.

The real money can be made on the rest of the card in which the lines are fairly close to each other. Here's a rundown of all the betting lines with some commentary regarding possible gains:

Mark Kerr (+800, BetUS) vs. Muhammed Lawal (-1100, BetCRIS)
Jessie Gibbs (+110, Various Sites) vs. Rob Broughton (-130, 5Dimes & BetCRIS)
Karl Amoussou (-375, BetCRIS) vs. John Doyle (+350, BetUS)
Alexey Oleinik (-115, BetCRIS) vs. Rogent Lloret (-105, Bodog)
Lucio Linhares (-105, Bodog) vs. Mikhail Zayats (-105, BetCRIS)
Lloyd Marshbanks (-115, Bodog) vs. Michael Kitta (-110, 5Dimes & BetCRIS)
Daisuke Nakamura (-120, BetCRIS) vs. Ferrid Kheder (EV, Bodog)

Normally, I wouldn't tell anyone to bet on a 11-to-1 favorite on anything... but this line is almost a guaranteed win. You'll have to drop a lot of money on it in order to make anything significant, but Kerr is by no means a danger to Lawal on the floor or in the striking department. The only real advantage is that Kerr came in at 263 while Lawal is at a light 219. Barring a compound fracture or something from Lawal, I think he'll win easily.

Gibbs is a decent underdog bet as he has the jiu-jitsu skills to give Rob Broughton a run for his money. I'm not a huge fan of Broughton due to his sloppiness in Cage Rage, but he has improved. I still like Gibbs as a single bet.

Amoussou should steamroll Doyle, and I love Marshbanks at -115 as well. Nakamura over Kheder is also something I'd try to take advantage of as well. Overall, there are some great lines on this card with the opportunity to put together some incredibly valuable parlays. 

M1-Global: Breakthrough on HDNet coverage

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