Shooto Brazil 13 Results - Updated with Photos


Results are in from last night's Shooto Brazil South America event, courtesy Meia Guarda.

A couple notes from their report:

- In the main event, challenger "Batata" Silva acquitted himself well until getting caught by a hard right hand from defending ace Bahadurzada. The Dutch fighter followed with ground and pound before the referee was forced to intervene.

- Carlos Pereira was rubbed the wrong way by comments Andre "Chatuba" made guaranteeing a knockout title defense. "Índio" came out with a head full of steam, chopping away with leg kicks in the opening frame before going to the head kick for the knockout in the second.

- The crowd didn't agree with the decision in the Barão/Dantas fight at all. "Guerreiro" dominated the first two rounds, with Barão coming back in the third, but from the sound of it, the judges made a fishy call and everyone knew it.

Shooto Brazil 13
August 27, 2009
Paulo Sarasate Gymnasium
Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil

Shooto Light Heavyweight (83kg / 182 lbs) Title Fight
Siyar Bahadurzada (15-4-1) def. Leandro "Batata" Silva (14-6) via TKO (Punches) in Round 1
Bahadurzada retains his title in his first defense.

70kg: Willamy "Chiquerinho" (14-1) def.  Vincent Latoel (13-13-2) via Submission (Guillotine) in Round 2

83kg: Bastiaan Rejen (4-4) def. Hernani Perpetuo (8-2) via TKO

Shooto South American Light Heavyweight (83kg / 182 lbs) Title Fight
Carlos "Índio" Pereira (8-8) def. Andre "Chatuba" Santos (17-2) via KO (Head Kick) in Round 2
"Índio" is the new South American light heavyweight champ.

Shooto South American Middleweight (76kg / 167 lbs) Title Fight
Luis "Beição" Ramos (14-5) def. Igor "Chatubinha" Fernandes (6-4)
"Beição" becomes the new South American middleweight ace.

77kg: Alexandre "Baixinho" Barros (14-6) def. Sergio Junior (11-5-2) via Unanimous Decision

65kg: Renan Barão (15-1) def. Paulo "Guerreiro" Dantas (16-5) via Unanimous Decision

100kg: Caio Magalhães (Nova União) def. Touro (Nocaute Fight) via Submission (Kimura) in Round 3

76kg: Emanuel "Junior Killer" (11-5-1) def. Fabio Taldo (1-2) via KO in Round 1

60kg: Carlos "Betão" Alberto (6-1) def. Zeilton "Nenzão" Rodrigues (4-2) via Unanimous Decision

56kg: Alexandre Pantoja (4-2) def. Maicon William (2-2) via Unanimous Decision


Tatame has a post up now with some photos, and I've entered the results into the Fight Finder.


Chiquerim with another guillotine win - shades of "Pequeno" Nogueira, says Meia Guarda


Luis "Beição" cracks Igor "Chatubinha"

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