First live event - need some advice for 104

I've never been to a UFC event before, and I'm very excited about them coming back to Los Angeles. However, I'm completely clueless to the whole process and I want to come in prepared for a change :P

Here's my situation: I'm surprising a friend who helped me out long time ago. His wife is in on it too, she's planned something boring with him for the night of the 24th to keep him in the dark, and I'm just going to show up with the tickets in hand :) He's a big Machida fan and has never been to a live event before, so it should be fun.

So here's the thing, I've got $1500 set aside for this and it's going to have to cover both our tickets. Since I'm not exactly a high roller I had to forgo a bunch of stuff to save up so I'd like to spend my money wisely (but I'm burning all of it on the 24th :)) .

So first of all, I don't want to fuck it up by trying to order too late. Like I said, I can spend $750 per ticket - do I need to worry about whatever section that gets me in might be sold out during the presale? I thought I was subscribed to the newsletter, but it turned out to be the ufc store (which I guess is different). How do I get in on the newsletter presale? Heard about some email...

Second, I saw some seat plan earlier with prices, but I don't know if it was correct. It showed that $750 is still in the section against the wall, but on the side. If that's true, is it worth it or are slightly cheaper ones pretty much the same? Does anyone know where you get the best bang for your buck - maybe someone has been to staple center before? If $750 seats don't really look like anything special, maybe I could just as well get worse seats and buy something else for the extra $$?

[EDIT] Here's the link to the seat chart I saw earlier. Are these prices right? In that case, which is the best ticket to get for $750 or under? Section 4 is $750, that would be epic. How are the rows determined, by purchase order? Sorry for the rambling, it's late :P

Finally, I've heard if you're a fight club member you get to go to a Q&A before the fight or something, what's the deal with that? If that's true, that might be fun...would it be worth it to take slightly worse seats and use some of the ticket money for fightclub memberships?

Anyway, as you can tell I have no clue, and I'd much appreciate any advice you can give me to make the night as memorable as possible! Thanks

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