UFC - Fedor: Dana can't handle this. (Updated)

Everyone seems to be missing a point in the UFC - Fedor negotiations, it's Dana's inaptitude to the Russian way of thinking, especially to that of a Russian fighter.

At first, catch up with this topic from Kid Nate:


I want you to recall a few things:

- Dana has often talked crap about Fedor, to often, to public.

- Dana has down-spoken every UFC - champ fedor has ever beaten and Fedor has beaten many of them. What does that have to say about UFC champions anyway? (

- Fedor is the #1 ranked heavy weight in the world and he has *never* been in the UFC. What does this say about the UFC? If you want a good MMA match, watch GSP, but if you want to see how MMA is done at it's best, namely at the heavy weight division, watch whereever Fedor is. This can't be good for the UFC and MMA, people will just tune in to see a UFC fight to be entertained by Brock Lesnar's show, not to see how the sport is done correctly.

- Fedor doesn't care about money, he probably already earned enough to just retire and live like a king.

- Fedor doesn't care about fighting "the best in the world", he has often stated that he is not interessted in building up a legacy or things like that.

- Fedor is not an idiot. He isn't just Vadim's puppet on a string.


Now if you followed Dana's last press conference, there's a very interesting part. He tells that he has fixed "verbal things" those guys at M-1 didn't like and that this time he wasn't a "d-ck". That's a very big point right there.

Dana has been talking too much crap about Fedor and he still is. He is underestimating the pride of a Russian fighter (and no this is no joke by any means). From personal experience as a boxing promotor, I know that Russian (fighters) are well aware of what is possible or not in business terms and that they put their personal pride over it.

Danas statements about "sambo every f-cking Thursday night", "he is afraid of fighting with elbows", basically his utterly disrespect for Fedor as a fighter or respectively his fighting skills is just inappropriate in every way for a deal like this. He has signed "the best fighters" in his opinion, but this case has nothing to do with him as a promoter or MMA or promoting busines, it's far more personal than that.

Fedor won't sign a deal to be called one of Zuffa's/Dana's UFC fighters. If Fedor is going to fight for the promotion of a man that doesn't respect him, they will have to pay a high price and it's not just the money. The co-promotion is by no means just a money thing, it's about letting Zuffa bow down and to teach them a lesson.

All in all, if you keep this things in mind, you can face the truth, Fedor will never fight in the UFC... Unless Dana White is willing (or able?) to tackle this at a very, very personal level.


Feel free to comment.



Update 03.08.2009


Dana White's reaction to Fedor not signing with the UFC:

"I'm in Abu Dhabi right now and my reaction is Fedor is a [expletive] joke. [He] turns down a huge deal and the opportunity to face the best in the world to fight nobodies, for no money. Fedor is a [expletive]."

Comment from Kid Nate:

Dana White speaking to Cagewriter.

As a fan who would dearly love to see Fedor in the Octagon, I really wish Dana would just shut up.

Insulting someone because he chose another offer goes a long way towards demonstrating why he didn't want to do business with you.

Fedor isn't American. He isn't coming to this from the same place as Tito Ortiz and all the other fighters that Dana has been able to insult and then kiss and make up later when the money is right.


I totally agree with Kid. It's not about the damn money, it never was you bald monkey, give yourself some time and mature to the promoter and businessperson you always pretend to be.


Update 04.08.2009


Here, another interesting article outlining Dana White's inappropriate behaviour causing the UFC vs Strikeforce/CBS/EA wars:


"Luckily for them, Dana White's smack talking seems to have permanently alienated Fedor. Here's an open letter Fedor wrote Dana white in February 2008:"

Numerous times have I read mister White's statements on Internet concerning myself. In my opinion, allowing yourself to say those things is not a sign of a gentleman or a grown man at all! If he candidly wants to prove himself right then let my fight with Randy happen or let me face the reigning UFC champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. In the future I wouldn't want to hear those statements in my address ever again and I won't tolerate that.

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