Dana White Meeting Resistance on Teammate vs Teammate Fights in the UFC


Dana White talked to CBS Sports and touched on the controversial teammate vs teammate point, Anderson Silva disagrees:

"It has nothing to do with friendship," White said. "It's about seeing who's the best."

Silva has been ultra-successful in his two forays to the 205-pound weight class. Neither of his two opponents -- Forrest Griffin or James Irvin -- made it past the opening round. To White, Silva's winning streak makes the fight inevitable.

"If Anderson continues to take out 205-ers, I'll make that fight [vs. Machida]," White said.

However, Silva has a much different opinion on the potential dream match. He has trained with Machida in the past and the two remain close.

"Machida is my friend," Silva said. "He's my brother. There's no way that fight will happen."

He's not the only one. Nate Marquardt talks to Steve Cofield on his radio show (the whole interview is a must-listen. Marquardt makes the case for himself as the most likely to beat Anderson Silva and breaks down the other contenders, plus Forrest Griffin's game plan):

Make to sure to listen to the end of conversation when Marquardt addresses the issues of teammates squaring off. The 185 and 205 pounders at Jackson's Submission Fighting have repeatedly stated they will ot fight one another. Marquardt said they can't be made to under circumstances.

And then Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira pipes up too about his twin brother Rogerio's likely arrival in the UFC and how he'll fit in with the division:

Rogerio "Minotouro" Nogueira will be joining his good friends and training partners Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida atop the UFC's stacked light heavyweight division, but don't expect to see him fight either one according to Rodrigo.

"I can not see them facing each other," Rodrigo said. "We are training partners. It's stupid to say I want to see a fight between those guys. I think it's not going to happen for sure. We've trained together before. We're partners training. I don't know. That's up to Rogerio. I can't respond for him, but he's Lyoto's friend and Anderson's friend. I don't think that fight is gonna happen. I think that Silva, Machida and Rogerio are the three strongest guys in the [light] weight division and I think they can control that weight division for a long time. As long as they stay healthy and they stay in shape. I think it will be hard to beat those three guys."

Cage Potato takes the side of the fighters in all this:

First of all, what does he mean by "make that fight"?  As in, he'll put 'Anderson Silva vs. Lyoto Machida' on a fight poster and that'll be that, even if neither of them actually signs the bout agreement?  This is the same rhetoric we used to hear in regards to a possible Rashad Evans vs. Keith Jardine fight.  The more they said they wouldn't do it, the more White seemed to think it was absolutely necessary to make them do it.

On one hand, DW has a point.  If you're in this business to be the best, you'd better be willing to knee your mother in the face if she gets in your way.  But that ignores some of the realities of the fight game.  Pitting two teammates against each other, as White wanted to do with Evans and Jardine, would create an awkward situation in the gym.  They obviously can't train together like they normally would, and their coaches either have to take a side or else stay completely away from both guys.

But there's also the issue of autonomy.  Sure, Dana White is the boss, but hasn't the best fighter in the organization earned the right to say ‘no' sometimes?  It's not as if he's asking for a procession of tomato cans.  In fact, whether they've put him against an uninteresting middleweight, or some dude to help them counter-program a rival on late notice, or a former light heavyweight champ - Silva has been pretty good about doing what the UFC wants.

Photo via MMA Mania.

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