Hello, Japan: Dan Hornbuckle vs. Nick Thompson, Kawamura-Silva II Added to Sengoku X

Takenori Sato, World Victory Road rep Kokuho and Ryo Kawamura at today's press conference
photo via

Three more fights have been added to the rapidly growing September 23rd Sengoku card. Most notably, Dan Hornbuckle will make a quick turnaround following his vicious head kick KO of Akihiro Gono earlier this month. He'll face "The Goat," Nick Thompson, whose last fight was a TKO loss to Tim Kennedy in June, but who's also 2-0 in Sengoku. Before that, however, Thompson will have to get through French sensation Karl Amoussou, who he's scheduled to fight at M-1's "Breakthrough" event later this month.

Also on the slate: Light Heavyweight King of Pancrase Ryo Kawamura will attempt to avenge the only knockout loss on his record as he rematches Chute Boxe's Fabio Silva, while Pancrase's #1 ranked middleweight Takenori Sato goes toe-to-toe with veteran journeyman Joe Doerksen to see who takes one step closer to challenging Sengoku MW ace Jorge Santiago.

Updated card and more news (including Megumi Fujii's next opponent) in the extended entry.

Sengoku X
September 23, 2009
Saitama Community Arena
Saitama, Japan

Main Card
Light Heavyweight: Ryo Kawamura (10-4-2) vs. Fabio Silva (11-5)
Welterweight: Nick Thompson (38-11-1) vs. Dan Hornbuckle (18-2)
Middleweight: Takenori Sato (9-6-4) vs. Joe Doerksen (42-12)
Lightweight: Kazunori Yokota (9-2-3) vs. Ryan Schultz (20-11-1)
Lightweight: Maximo Blanco (3-2-1, 1 NC) vs. Tetsuya Yamada (3-1)

Sengoku Gold Cup Opening Fights
Lightweight: Ikuo Usuda (5-0) vs. Woo Hyun Baek (1-0)
Featherweight: Shigeki Osawa (3-0) vs. Ki Hyun Kim (2-0)
Bantamweight: Ryosuke Komori (4-1) vs. Jae Hyun So (2-6)

Announced Participants
Hiroshi Izumi (debut)
Antonio Silva (12-1)
Makoto Takimoto (5-5)

* * * * *


Undefeated Japanese star Megumi Fujii will take on former DEEP champion Hisae Watanabe in an exhibition match at Shoot Boxing's "Girls S-Cup 2009" this Sunday, August 23rd. The bout will consist of two two-minute rounds, with the first round using Jewels rules (modified MMA) and the second Shoot Boxing guidelines (kickboxing with clinchwork and standing submissions allowed). Watanabe is returning from a two year "retirement" and, according to GBRing, considered participating in the S-Cup tournament before fracturing a bone in her foot during training.

UPDATED at 9:34 AM

A couple other bits of JEWELS news just emerged:

- Popular ex-S&M queen Hiroko (aka Yuko Yamanaka) will go up against "Super Benkei" Mayumi Aoki in a Shoot Boxing match at the S-Cup event. The fight is a rematch of an MMA bout from the first JEWELS event last November, where Hiroko took a unanimous decision.

- Mika Nagano (3-2 / S-KEEP/CORE) will go for her third straight win when she enters the -54kg (119 lbs) "Rough Stone" Grand Prix at JEWELS' "Fifth Ring" on September 5th. The tournament will start with a four-woman field, though the only other participant currently announced is Rina Tomita (2-1 / AACC), whom Nagano submitted in her last fight.

* * * * *

DEEP continues to bring its big "Impact" shows to new cities, as the promotion announced on Monday that "DEEP Hamamatsu Impact" will take place on September 27th at Act City Hamamatsu. Hometown boy Shinya Aoki will be on hand as a special guest.

* * * * *


Bit old, but here's a picture of Rumina Sato at the UFC Fan Expo (courtesy Inspirit Clothing) looking absolutely shredded at 140 pounds. Inspirit says Sato "might have [a] big fight coming up [at the] end of this year" at a "lighter weight class than he used to fight." Perhaps in the WEC? Since losing his Shooto lightweight title shot against "Lion" Takeshi earlier this year, Sato has been vocal about his desire to fight in the States.

* * * * *

Shooto has released the final card for its second "Kitazawa Shooto 2009" event, sponsored by K'z Factory. Same as the first iteration, flyweight prospect Hiroyuki Abe (the one from K'z Factory, obv) is in the main event and it should be an easy win for him as he faces Paraestra Tokyo's Hiroaki Yoshioka, who's riding a five-fight losing streak. Outside of the main events, there are a lot of names on the card that I'm not too familiar with, so I decided to seek out some video and figured I'd post it up here.

Kitazawa Shooto 2009, Vol.2
September 4, 2009
Kitazawa Town Hall
Tokyo, Japan

#8 - Flyweight - 3R x 5 min.
Hiroyuki Abe (5-1 / K'z Factory) vs. Hiroaki Yoshioka (5-9-2 / Paraestra Izumi)

#7 - Bantamweight - 2R x 5 min.
Toshimichi Akagi (5-4-3 / Cobra Kai) vs. Hiroharu Matsufuji (3-4 / Wajyutsu Keisyukai RJW)

#6 - Welterweight - 2R x 5 min.
Shin Kochiwa (5-1-2 / Wajyutsu Keisyukai Tokyo) vs. Junpei Chikano (2-5 / Rodeo Style)

#5 - Welterweight - 2R x 5 min.
Shinobu Miura (2-4-4 / Wajyutsu Keisyukai Tokyo) vs. Koji Nishioka (0-1-1 / Kugayama Rascal)

#4 - Lightweight - 2R x 5 min.
Yasuhiro Kanayama (3-5-3 / Purebred Kyoto) vs. Hiroki Kita (2-5-1 / Paraestra Tokyo)

#3 - Bantamweight - 2R x 5 min.
Masumi Tozawa (0-2-3 / Grabaka) vs. Yuya Kaneuchi (0-2-1 / Gracie Barra Tokyo)

#2 - Bantamweight - 2R x 5 min.
Akinobu Watanabe (0-0-1 / roots) vs. Keiji Koizumi (1-0 / Wajutsu Keishukai Tokyo)

#1 - Featherweight - 2R x 5 min.
Keita Ishibashi (debut / Wajyutsu Keisyukai Duro) vs. Isao Yoshida (debut / North King's Gym)

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