Is female MMA bad MMA?


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It is not a polite question, and it is one sure to draw cries of chauvinism, but after last night's Carano vs. Cyborg fight, I have to ask: Is female MMA bad MMA?


In a fight for a championship belt, Cyborg TWICE pulled her opponent into FULL MOUNT (the worst possible position) -- something I have seldom (ever?) seen even in a men's pre-card match. This is pretty much the WORST THING YOU CAN DO. You have taken an offensively advantageous position--double underhooks--and used it to transition to a completely one-sided position for your opponent that is often a fight ender.

The only reason that in this case, it wasn't a fight ender (TWICE) is that her opponent, Gina Carano, DID NOT KNOW HOW TO KEEP THE FULL MOUNT POSITION. In fact, in one case, she GAVE UP THE FULL MOUNT BY STANDING UP. This is the mirror image of Cyborg's foolishness: Carano has gone from a highly dominant, fight-ending position into a neutral position which had so far proven to be to Cyborg's advantage!

This would be like watching a WNBA game where the players repeatedly threw the ball into the wrong basket, and professed not to know what a free throw was. You could use this as a Judo Chop clinic on what not to do.

What I saw last night looked like male mixed martial arts circa UFC 8. I am left to the conclusion that Carano and Cyborg are not particularly good martial artists by gender-neutral standards.

Yes, Mega Magu will be fun to watch against Cyborg and Gina. But then what? Is there some trove of highly talented female MMA artists that can arrive to give the sport legitimacy? At this point, the fanbase is smart enough from watching UFC that they can see the flaws in the game that were on abundant display last night.

If female MMA shrinks after last night, it may not be because Gina lost so much as the fact that neither her nor her opponent looked very good in the fight.

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