Hello, Japan: Nova Uniao's "Chiquerinho" to Challenge for Shooto Lightweight Strap in October


Shooto South American Lightweight Champion Willamy Chiquerim spoke with Tatame last week about what's coming up next for him. As was reported last month, "Chiquerinho" will take on Golden Glory's Vincent Latoel at Shooto Brazil 13 on August 27th. However, the Nova União phenom already has his next fight lined up and will face Shooto lightweight ace Takashi Nakakura in October. In the interview, Chiquerim says the fight will take place on October 4th, but the Tatame report says he'll challenge for the world title on October 27th. Shooto doesn't have an event scheduled for either of those dates - could the fight be part of Sustain's much-anticipated Vale Tudo Japan '09 on October 30th?

Some other bits from the interview:

- Although Sherdog currently lists him at 13-1, Chiquerim claims a record of 35-3.
- Chiquerim says he was thrilled at the opportunity to train at Nova União alongside names such as Jose Aldo (right, with Chiquerim), Wagnney Fabiano, Leonardo Santos, Marlon Sandro and Hacran Dias (who is one of the 3 losses on his record).
- Willamy fights at 70kg (154 lbs) but walks around at 82kg (180 lbs).
- "Chiquerinho" had hoped to fight Takanori Gomi in Shooto, but thinks he won't be able to now since Gomi is fighting in the States.
- "My objective, after these fights, is to leave for Sengoku or DREAM or the WEC."

* * * * *


ZST will celebrate its seventh anniversary in November, and it looks as if the company is undergoing some changes.

First, ZST executive official Hioki will be retiring. Hioki has been with the promotion since the beginning and previously worked with RINGS, and will be replaced by former fighter Hiroyuki Yamashiro. Yamashiro is an instructor at Shinwa Total Combat, the gym which produced ZST star and current Sengoku fighter Tetsuya Yamada.

At a press conference on Saturday, Yamashiro said that he's gained a lot by fighting for ZST and hopes to give some back to the fans and his fellow fighters with his new position. Both Yamashiro and ZST public relations officer Joe Uehara (above) want to increase the number of "SWAT!" and "PRE-STAGE" (amateur and grappling) shows which the promotion runs. Currently, they hold about one per month, but Uehara says they want to dig harder to find the next generation of ZST fighters.

As for the company's future, Yamashiro wants ZST's 10th Anniversary show to be held at Yoyogi National 2nd Gymnasium, which holds about 3,200 people. Currently, ZST runs most of their numbered shows at Shinjuku Face (approx. 500) or Differ Ariake (approx. 1,200), so this is a very ambitious declaration.


Some fights were also announced for ZST.21 on September 21st. The theme is "SWAT! x ZST," with some underexposed fighters coming up to the main stage and challenging established ZST fighters. The show will also hold the finals of ZST's 2009 "Genesis" rookie tournament.

Keisuke Fujiwara received the call up from SWAT! a while back, and in fact became the first ZST Bantamweight Champion in May. However, here he'll face the more experienced Wataru Inatsu in a non-title fight. Inatsu's record stands at 3-3-1, but his three losses came at the hands of Hideo Tokoro, Masahiro Oishi and Remigijus Morkevicius.

Also competing in a non-title affair will be 2nd generation welterweight ace and longtime Pancrase vet Osami Shibuya, who takes on Powergate fighter Tomohiko Yoshida. Both men are currently riding four-fight win streaks. Lastly, after a single fight (and win) in DEEP earlier this year, SWAT! fighter Kota Okazawa returns against Alliance-Square's Kenichi Ito.

September 21, 2009
Shinjuku Face
Tokyo, Japan

Wataru Inatsu (3-3-1 / freelance) vs. Keisuke Fujiwara (7-1-2 / Akimoto Dojo RevoRyution)

Osami Shibuya (38-32-15 / freelance) vs. Tomohiko Yoshida (4-6-1 / U-File Camp)

Kenichi Ito (5-3-2 / Alliance-Square) vs. Kota Okazawa (5-1-2 / AXIS Ichinomiya)

* * * * *

Nightmare of Battle has a nice write-up on the first Fighting Mixed Combative (née Fighter Mania Championship) card going down in Korea on Sunday. Some solid names on that card, like Hiroki "AB" Aoki, Jong Man Kim and the unbeaten Yang Dong Yi - and there are ways to watch it on a short delay, if you're so inclined. This is the same promotion which has Blagoi Ivanov vs. Aleksander Emelianenko scheduled for September.

* * * * *

DEEP has released the full card for its 43rd Impact show at Korakuen Hall. Although there are two big title fights on the bill, the main event will be original middleweight champion Ryo Chonan returning from his Stateside run to take on original welterweight ace and fellow UFC vet Jutaro Nakao. There are lots of other fighters to watch on this card though, like former EliteXC fighter Zach Makovsky, K-1 vet "Zuzu" Ayuyu (aka "Gori-Chan"), and Outsider standout Tomoya Kato, who I've written about before.


DEEP 43rd Impact
August 23, 2009
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

#10 - 77.1kg (170 lbs.) - 3R x 5 min.
Ryo Chonan (15-10 / Team M.A.D.)
Jutaro Nakao (22-14-4 / freelance)

#9 - DEEP Featherweight Title Match - 3R x 5 min.
Dokonjonosuke Mishima (19-6-2 / Cobra Kai / champion)
Takafumi Otsuka (8-4-1 / AACC / challenger)

#8 - DEEP Bantamweight Title Match - 3R x 5 min.
Masakazu Imanari (16-7-1 / Team ROKEN / champion)
Tomohiko Hori (10-4-3 / freelance / challenger)

#7 - 93kg (205 lbs.) - 2R x 5 min.
Bernard Ackah (2-3 / freelance)
Ryushi Yanagisawa (24-23-9 / Sakaguchi Dojo)

#6 - 65.8kg (145 lbs.) - 2R x 5 min.
Toshiaki Kitada (8-4-2 / Paraestra Chiba)
Zach Makovsky (5-1 / Fight Factory)

#5 - 65.8kg (145 lbs.) - 2R x 5 min.
Koichiro Matsumoto (7-2 / Imada Dojo)
Shunichi Shimizu (14-4-5 / Uruno Dojo - Team ZST)

#4 - 93kg (205 lbs.) - 2R x 5 min.
Yuji Sakuragi (10-14-1, 1 NC / Seikendo)
Hans Stringer (8-4-1 / Team Beast of the East)

#3 - 70.3kg (155 lbs.) - 2R x 5 min.
Yuichi Ikari (11-6-3 / P's Lab Tokyo)
Won Sik "Parky" Park (6-1-1 / CMA Korea)

#2 - 77.1kg (170 lbs.) - 2R x 5 min.
Yoshitomo Watanabe (6-9-2 / AACC)
Pat "Zuzu" Ayuyu (1-0-1 / Purebred Osaka)

#1 - 77.1kg (170 lbs.) - 2R x 5 min.
Yuki Ito
(7-3-3 / Alliance-Square)
Sadao Kondo (4-0 / Blue Dog)

DEEP Future Fight #3 - 70kg (154 lbs.) - 2R x 5 min.
Yasuhiro Kawasaki
(2-1-1 / R-Blood)
Tomoya Kato (4-0 / BONDS)

Deep Future Fight #2 - 67kg (147 lbs.) - 2R x 5 min.
Makoto Kataoka (Reversal)
Hideyuki Noro (Team Grachan)

Deep Future Fight #1 - 62kg (136 lbs.) - 2R x 5 min.
Tatsuya Tsuchida (3-3 / Dobuita MMA)
KZ (1-0 / Team Grachan)

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