FightMatrix All-Time Bantamweight Rankings

We posted the Flyweight Top 5 last week, and here's Bantamweight. These are still in the alpha stages, and there are some important things to mention as there are some major differences between these rankings and the FightMatrix ratings.

  • Rankings ARE division specific, however some fighters will experience run-over into divisions they jumped in and out of. Fighters CAN appear in more than one list. Due to this, divisional info is seriously depended upon. This is a large reason why I think this is still in the alpha stage.
  • Years of 1990 and later are considered.
  • Monthly ranking snapshots are taken. Fighters are given points based on their standing in the Top 15, with the most points going toward a #1 spot, a little less to #2, right on down the line. Having longevity at the top of the division is key and those who only spend a limited time in a division will suffer. Divisional depth at the time is also given consideration.
  • Heavyweight will look a bit odd, as it will include those who excelled at open-weight back in the 1990s.


1. Miguel Torres (336 All-Time Bantamweight Points)

Without question, the greatest Bantamweight in history.  Defeated all of the opponents he's faced, with the exception of Brian Bowles, whom he he has not yet had a chance to rematch.  A 37-2 record, with all bouts (that we have divisional info for) taking place in the Bantamweight division.

2. Ryota Matsune (122)

The "Shooto Junkie" takes the silver with a 15-1-1 record at the division.  Fought, and once defended the Shooto Featherweight (132) championship.  Beat All-Time top bantamweights such as Kentaro Imaizumi and Masahiro Oishi.  Only lost once by decision, and drew with Takeya Mizugaki, who is currently a top ten ranked Bantamweight.

3. Masahiro Oishi (111)

His total record like many Shooto fighters', leaves something to be desired, but this is simply because judges there like even rounds and great parity is experienced.  Nevertheless, he has been a top Bantamweight for well over a decade and has also routinely competed at Featherweight.

4. Kentaro Imaizumi (94)

Like Oishi, his record appears subpar, but a closer look reveals a unanimous decision win over Ryota Matsune, and two rematches where he fought on nearly even terms with him.  He also has wins over Jin Akimoto, Takeyasu Hirono, and a draw with #3 All-Time Oishi.  Recently tested the waters unsuccessfully at Featherweight (Shooto Lightweight).

5. Akitoshi Hokazono (87)

Short and sweet.  Although his career was limited with only 8 fights, he sports a rare, undefeated Shooto record of 6-0-2, with his final win coming over Kenji Osawa for the Shooto 132lb title.  He also has a win over Marcos Galvao, who is ranked in this Top 10 list.

6. Chase Beebe (82)

Coming off three losses, with his last being at Featherweight, Beebe started his career at 11-1.  A former WEC Bantamweight champion that beat the best Bantamweights that the USA had to offer not named Torres before the start of his losing streak.

7. Eddie Wineland (77)

The first WEC Bantamweight champion. Outside of this first match though, is 0-2 in the organization, although his losses are to no slouches.

8. Antonio Banuelos (76)

Rounding out the WEC portion of the list is Banuelos.  Unlike Wineland and Beebe, Banuelos still holds a top ranking in the Bantamweight division, and looks to improve his position on this list.

9. Paul McVeigh (72)

A surprise entry from the United Kingdom, McVeigh is easily the all-time best Bantamweight in Europe.  Let's hope he can get some notice on the world stage as the current competition gap between the UK and the rest of the world does not allow him the opportunity to earn a lofty ranking.

10. Marcos Galvao (72)

Right out of the gate, Galvao defeated top competition in Shooto. Although crushed in his last matchup against Damacio Page, Galvao has beaten some impressive competition on the world stage in Kenji Osawa, Fredson Paixao, Jin Akimoto, and has a draw against Masakatsu Ueda.


Originally posted on FightMatrix.  Give us a visit if you haven't yet.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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