Josh Neer and Kurt Pellegrino Comment on Their Fight at UFC 101

Josh Neer:
Hey guys I figured I’d come on here and explain my fight a little. 1 thing I wish I would have done is just try to get up. The reason I didn't was because when he stood up, he was waiting for me to do so. Soon as I would of, he would of spun around and take my back. If I had it to do over again I would have just took the risk. I was complaining about the ref standing us up because c'mon he can't stand us up 1 time? But I guess you can't when you’re basically from the same town as my opponent. I watched the same ref being buddy buddy with all the guys on the card from New Jersey. My main problem with Kurt was b4 the fight he talked how it was going to be a war and he was going to leave it all out there and blah blah. Well in my opinion he didn't at all. If you’re going to play it safe and stick to a game plan just say that. Don’t talk like it's going to be a great fight.

I didn't hold him in my closed guard and wait for a standup because I don't stall. I try to finish. You would think a black belt would do that too. I think the ref was biased whether he was trying to or not. When you have a guy coming into your state and fighting a hometown guy your going to be biased whether your trying to or not. I felt like I won the fight anyways. I was the one who almost finished the fight. I was the one going for stuff. He was the one defending the whole fight but I knew the judges would give it to him no matter what because if you’re on top you win no matter what. If the fight would have gone until someone tapped or got TKO’d everyone knows who would have won. Kurt was on a 2 fight win streak. He wasn't in danger of being cut. That’s it guys I’m out. Thanks to all for the support.
Kurt Pellegrino:
Well, guess I'll join in. Josh I think u answered your own question and u should've done what u just wrote, u should've tried to get up BUT I would have taken your back so that was smart on your part. You should've held me in your guard so the ref would've stood us up where you wanted to be, but u did not because I kept punching and elbowing you. Right before the fight you said yourself that I would only stand with you in order to set up my takedown, and still you had NO defense to my game.

I beat u because of my game plan Josh, not because of the ref. You just made it easier because I counted on u doing what u were doing in the fight and you never once sprawled, it was too easy to take you down. I wasn’t just going to stand and bang with you because that’s what you wanted to do. I watched our fight and I thought it was good and every time u looked at the ref I punched u in the face or elbowed you. Next time you fight someone that is taking u down, sprawl and when you want to get stood up, over hook the arm and hold the head....its NOT stalling, it’s a game plan!!

I do remember you coming in my locker room after the fight and telling me great game plan and you were sorry but I just frustrated you. I said thanks. That’s what I had to do to beat u because u are a tough guy. I never in my life 'lay n pray', not this time and not in any of my past 9 UFC fights, EVER.

Sounds like u need a game plan... stop complaining and start fighting smarter. Sorry, there had to be a winner.
HT: The UG

UFC 101: Declaration coverage

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