FightMatrix All-Time Flyweight Rankings

It’s been a long time coming, but our database is finally at a point to start debuting all-time rankings.  These are still in the alpha stages, and there are some important things to mention as there are some major differences between these rankings and the FightMatrix ratings.

  • Rankings ARE division specific, however some fighters will experience run-over into divisions they jumped in and out of. Fighters CAN appear in more than one list. Due to this, divisional info is seriously depended upon. This is a large reason why I think this is still in the alpha stage.
  • Years of 1990 and later are considered.
  • Monthly ranking snapshots are taken. Fighters are given points based on their standing in the Top 15, with the most points going toward a #1 spot, a little less to #2, right on down the line. Having longevity at the top of the division is key and those who only spend a limited time in a division will suffer. Divisional depth at the time is also given consideration.
  • Heavyweight will look a bit odd, as it will include those who excelled at open-weight back in the 1990s.

The Top 5 Flyweights of All-Time



1. Mamoru Yamaguchi (99 All-Time Flyweight Points)

With nearly 10 years as a pro, Yamaguchi spent almost all of that time in the Flyweight (Shooto Bantamweight) division.  Wins over Jin Akimoto, Yasuhiro Urushitani, Yuki Shoujo, Masaaki Sugawara, and others cement his place at the top of this list.


2. Yasuhiro Urushitani (78)

A stalwart at the top of the Flyweight division, yet the heralded championship has evaded him so far.  Had some of his draws been wins, he could easily have the ledger to challenge Yamaguchi for the top spot.  However, it wasn't meant to be, and Urushitani appears to be fading.


3. Shinichi Kojima (56)

The most dominant Flyweight in the world from mid-2006 to mid-2009.  Aside from his recent loss, Kojima does not yet have the longevity to hold one of the top two positions in this list.  Rebounding from his recent loss will be key the coming up the ranks.


4. Junji Ikoma (45)

Although his total record leaves much to be desired, when you take a look at the history of the division, his longevity and control over the "best of the rest" seats him at #4.  He recently had a 5-fight win streak snapped at the hands of Ryuichi Miki.


5. Masatoshi Abe (33)

Had it not been for his recent two year absence, and nearly three year absence between 2003-2006, he would surely have held a higher spot in these rankings.  With only two losses, one against the #2 All-Time Urushitani, and the other Yuki Shoujo, who may one day be on this list, Abe had an outstanding record of 8-2-1.  At 32 years old, it may not be too late for another comeback.  Anyone know what this guy is up to?


Originally posted on FightMatrix.  Give us a visit if you haven't yet.

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