How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 2nd Week of July


Promoted from the FanPosts by Kid Nate.

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA twittersphere..


"Got escorted out of Dave & Busters for refusing to remove the "F**k Off"hat, while tons of fans chanted "Mayhem" -keeping it real went wrong"  -Mayhem Miller

"Hunting. Fighting. Killing wh**e. Wade through blood and spill some more."  -Josh Barnett

"Nice girls always date evil bastards, its the balance of the universe- at least that's how I rationalize being evil... text message break-ups are better than twitter break-ups, right @kittycaht?"  -Mayhem Miller

"I think I would rather lick some old dog poop then sit here with my financial advisor doing taxes... Is there anything worse? Really?"  -Jorge Gurgel, licking new dog poop is actually worse..

"wonder if they are still reading... F U Seriously from the nick name to my tweets. Who owns that site AKA?"  -Shane Carwin, responding to this article..

"Somebody please explain the source of "you got egg on your face"  -Frank Trigg

"is goin 2 hard. god damn!"  -King Mo, took too much viagra

"is feelinn bad. I went too hard and i f**ked sum shit up at Club Wish."  -King Mo, couldn't get a girl in the club so he had to do the poo..


"Video of me 2 days after my deviated septum operation. I hope this helps people out there thinking about getting it! That's an important point I didn't take pain meds. Dr gave me a script, but I hate that shit... My doctor gave me a script for vicodin and percocet, but I've always hated those drugs, and now the FDA is yanking them"  -Joe Rogan, prefers the herbal kind of medecine.

"me too buddy. Western Medicine = pills"  -Shane Carwin

"Shane, check your Direct Messages, I sent you some info on sleep apnea that I think will help you"  -Joe Rogan, does things under the twitter table.

"got it. Thanks and lani will thank you. She can hardly sleep."  -Shane Carwin, if by Lani you mean Shane, then we believe you.

"Insomnia is messing with me is confusing. Fear not,days will be brighter tommorow. I'm gonna finish reading many lives many masters"  -Arianny Celeste, wasn't contacted by Rogan, so she had to result to boring herself to sleep.


"Fanny packs are in the top trending topics! You can't fight the movement, people!"  -Joe Rogan, got the F'ack movement going well that twitter had it as a trending topic.

"Excellent! Don't let those fashion pussies scare you! #fannypacks"  -Joe Rogan, better not be talking about Akiyama

"lol fanny packs over man purses. That being said you may be carrying too much stuff. Rucksacks will be all the rage soon."  -Shane Carwin, I think Guida is the one starting the Rucksack movement.

"So many trips I ran out of underwear. Luckily I have a jockstrap. Don't judge me."  -Mayhem Miller, starting his own fashion trend.. The "V-Back"..


"I'm at agreat b-day party for mir's daughter. Bowling at the red rock with kids is great."  -Frank Trigg

"On my way to palms place pool with the family. Wedding annversary treat from the kids. Not a bad Friday."  -Frank Trigg

"just left jens pulvers house for his bachelor party. who the hell gets married on the 4th of july? i still love the goofy bastard!!!"  -Pat Miletich, well i guess Jens figured he could save money on entertainment and just watch the fireworks..

"Happy 4th of July. Eat red meat and blow shit up."  -Josh Barnett

"happy 4th of July. Now lets blow our hands off."  -Mayhem Miller

"Happy 4th, and please don't get caught up in nationalistic nonsense. It's one planet, bitches!! Your only real enemies are douchebags."  -Joe Rogan.. in the wise words of that Japanese dude with a KFC bucket on his head, "We are all one"

"Not gonna send a fireworks pic, it wouldn't do it justice. Crazy show!!"  -Urijah Faber


"It may seem vain but just finished tanning. Appearance is a part of being a pro and looking like powder ain't my thing."  -Josh Barnett, yup tanning is part of being a pro... a pro wrestler.. 

"Up stoopid early but for a good reason anyway. I can't really say but it involves video game awesomness, I just have to go to LA to do it."  -Josh Barnett, doing stuff for EA Sports' MMA video game?

"School is packed, students are happy, sun is shining. Real good day! oh, and rich is doing wrestling drills on the far mat, looking horrible"  -Jorge Gurgel, oh wait what's that? Rich is trying to take someone down, and it looks bad?

"Holy shit. Definatly need goggles next time we do a pool workout. My eyes are on fire."  -Jason High

"god I hope so. I need the money when I bet."  -Frank Trigg, reacting to the betting odds having him at +300 against Koscheck

"Setup a training session with Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera tomorrow. It's on like donkey kong!! Thankful for the opportunity!! ...Gonna train with Little Noguiera, Lyoto, Anderson, Feijao, the whole Blackhouse team. Can't wait. Exciting!!!! ...Trained in San Diego w/ Noguiera & Vera. Did Muay Thai for the 1st time with Coach Billy. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship!"  -Mark Munoz, a start of a long term Filipino-Brazilian connection?

"Smashed the old record for every set!!! Had Kevin Kearns with me for proof. Not that I didn't know but I'm in the best shape by far."  -Kenny Florian

"Driving to a wrestling clinic in Lancaster, CA after a hard core and cardio workout at Cutting Edge. Train with Noguiera tonight."  -Mark Munoz

"I'm in Las Angeles. Going to make it to Vegas this weekend, but not into the actual event. Unless I blow @joerogandotnet"  -Mayhem Miller, will do anything to watch the man with the famous pen!s tattoo.

"I'll look into a ticket, but my advice to you is don't neglect the balls!"  -Joe Rogan, That works? Sweet! Now hardcore fans can watch UFC 100 AND blow joe rogan! win win!


"Rest in Peace Alexis Arguello. He was one of my all time favorite boxers. It's sad this isn't getting more attention "  -Joe Rogan

"Let me say that Frank is ready for Sat...Fight time comming.."  -Team Mir


"First forehead signature.....more too come!"  -Urijah Faber


"Don't worry,be happy! Peace love and happiness #fb"  -Arianny Celeste


"Red light photo op..on my way to the beach! #fb"  -Arianny Celeste


\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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