Six Stories That Will Steal UFC 100's Media Thunder

Fbigt_medium Zak Woods breaks it down:

Steve McNair - The tragic, and still unclear, death of former NFL quarterback, Steve McNair, will be the story for the foreseeable future. I am sure many of you are familiar with the basic details surrounding his untimely death but for those that don't like nor follow American football here is a brief summary of the story. Steve McNair was found dead with his twenty year old girlfriend (McNair is married). ...

Manny Ramirez - If the "Manny being Manny" phrase was beaten to death before he was suspended for steroids prepare yourself for a whole new circus. ...

Tennis - With Wimbledon ending on Sunday there are multiple story-lines that will eat up the mainstream media's attention for several days. ...

MLB All-Star Game - The game is set for the 13th and the rosters have been announced but that doesn't mean there won't be plenty to talk about. ...

Free Agency - The NBA and NHL free agency period began several weeks ago and the major moves should be winding down. However there is always the possibility of a monkey wrench being thrown into the machinery. ...

Brett Farve [sic] - This is the wild card story of the week. ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio thinks that an announcement is coming one way or the other by July 13th, a deadline that is two days before [sic] UFC 100. ...

He's got more analysis on each topic at Watch Kalib Run.

As Zach Krantz wrote last week:

People forget that the UFC is only 16 years old and the unified rules were codified in 2000.  Stars that can cross over such as Lesnar, St. Pierre, and Carano will help gain notoriety, but there will be more of them to come.  We are currently in the infancy of Mixed Martial Arts and have a long road ahead of us before we can achieve mainstream success.

The enormous success of Mixed Martial Arts and more importantly the continued growth of the UFC have happened at such a rapid pace that we the fans expect instant acceptance.  Despite what baseball purists might say the NFL has become THE sport in the United States.  Professional football was established in 1920 and the merger happened in the late 60s (started in1966 and fully merged in 1970).  It was not until baseball's strike in the early 90s when football began to take over mainstream media with the Cowboy teams becoming celebrities.  These things take time and MMA is moving at an incredible pace.  The fact that we receive any mainstream attention after nine years is remarkable. 

We might have to wait a generation before we become a major player.  A major reason baseball has its storied history and tradition is because so many grew up on the game.  Their dad, their dad's dad, and generations before always went to the ballpark.  It will be the next generation who grows up during the growth of MMA that can push it to the next level.  We will obviously be farther along by then, but that is how we establish long term significance.  Passing along our passion and knowledge through generations can keep MMA around for the long run.  In the mean time we need to relax and appreciate the immeasurable growth we have achieved in such a short period of time.  I am anxious to see the attention received over the next week and leading up to August 15th, but if we receive any at all that will be outstanding.  It may take time, but MMA can become part of people sport conscious in time.  We the fans just need to be patient.

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