Michael Bisping: "Dan Henderson Crossed the Line"

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Michael Bisping reacts to Dan Henderson calling him a douchebag:

You know what, out of nowhere just recently it's got all personal. I'll be lying if I said it hasn't pissed me off. He's really, really annoyed me, he's really pissed me off. In a lot of interviews he's talked not about my fighting ability but about me as a person, and I think he's crossed a line and he's pissed me off.

I spoke to somebody from the UFC this morning and they told me they did an interview with him and in the space of two minutes he called me a moron and a douchebag twelve times, you know what I mean?

I think he's made a big mistake because, believe me, I'm a different animal when I'm pissed off, when I'm in a bad mood, I'm unstoppable, I can do whatever I want, seriously. And fine, keep pushing my buttons Mr. Henderson because that's great.

He can say what he wants about me but the fact is he's getting his arse kicked on July 11th and then we'll see who the douchebag is.


It makes me laugh, twelve episodes of The Ultimate Fighter the guy hardly opens his mouth, says nothing. He's the most boring bastard I've ever seen in my life. And when he does finally decide to say something the most original thing he can come up with is douchebag. Well thank God he's not a stand-up comedian, you know what I mean? Don't give up your day job, mate.

It doesn't stop there, he also talked about Henderson taking him lightly:

I think Dan Henderson is an [expletive], and I'm going to knock him out..  He's a two-faced [expletive]. He never said anything to my face... He disgusts me. I'm 18-1, and he said he doesn't need to train anything but cardio, and he would still beat me. He's taking me way too lightly. When people piss me off, I fight a lot better.

He's got God-awful stand-up. But he's got a very powerful right hand that everyone talks about that hasn't KO'd anyone for a long time, and you can see it coming because he's so slow with it.

HT: and MMAJunkie

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