Contemplating Georges St. Pierre at Middleweight


 Sports Illustrated has a somewhat interesting article up in regards to a possible move by UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre to the middleweight division. In it they list three fighters "who would beat" (would, not could) GSP if he made the move- Demian Maia, Dan Henderson, and Anderson Silva. Some interesting quotes from the article:


Lately, St. Pierre has had the tendency of getting through fights by laying over his opponents.


 Not sure I agree with this. GSP thoroughly dominated Thiago Alves, BJ Penn, and Jon Fitch on the feet as well as on the ground. No doubt Georges spends a good amount of time working his opponents over on the floor but he spends plenty of time standing and exchanging as well, what makes him so great is his willingness to mix things up and transition from one style to another so quickly and easily.


 Henderson has probably the best wrestling skills in the UFC today and considering that he is stronger than St. Pierre, his wrestling is even more important.


While it's probably true that Henderson has the best "wrestling skills" in the UFC, wrestling skills and functional MMA wrestling are two different things. I think there are several fighters in the UFC today who are better functional wrestlers than Hendo- GSP being one of them (Lesnar, Couture as well). While Henderson's strength advantage might negate a lot of GSP's advantages I'm not sure I would be so quick to dismiss Georges' chances in the wrestling department.


Georges is a very aggressive fighter, a thing that has been the downfall of most of Silva's victims.


If St. Pierre ever does get matched up against The Spider I actually think aggression might be his best game plan. Lately Silva has been known to come out rather slow and spend the first few minutes of the match feeling out his opponent, anyone who watched his last two fights against Patrick Cote and Thales Leites knows that. If Georges can come out early and mix up some solid strikes with takedown attempts he might be able to catch Silva before he knows what hit him. It certainly didn't help Cote or Leites to get the fight into the third round or later.


This article was written by Jessy Morris of who I admit I am not familiar with. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt with saying these fighters "would beat" Georges and assume he meant "could beat" but I think a lot of the points he makes in this article are questionable. What say you?



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