Zuffa Sabotaging Affliction?

I am starting to get the feeling that Zuffa is doing a lot of shady behind the scenes work as of late. Dana has always been a BS'er but lately it has reached an all time high. He stated on "Inside the octagon" that he was working on getting Belfort than days later denied ever saying it. A few days ago he admitted to the fact that the UFC Heavyweight division use to suck and that he always said that it was bad. I couldn't believe my ears, I am sure most people here clearly remember him bashing the Pride Heavys and pumping Arlovski and Sylvia as studs. Many might not see this as a big deal but to me it shows someone that lies so much that they can no longer keep track of all his BS.
I have to say the Barnett suspension has Zuffa all over it. This is the first time that California has ever done out of competition testing, and it just so happens to be a fighter in the main event of Affliction's most crucial card. Here is why I am thinking that Zuffa knew this coming: 

-Before UFC 100 Dana stated that if Barnett beat Fedor, that they would try to sign Barnett, then out of nowhere last week stated that he has no interest in Barnett, because no one is banging on his door to see him fight. Now when he is asked about Barnett I am sure Dana will claim he never wanted anything to do with him.

-At the UFC 100 press conference Dana stated that he wanted Fedor and that eventually he would get him, only days later to bash Fedor in an interview as not being that good. Therefore lowering Fedor's negotiating ability right after giving it a boost at UFC 100.

- Went back on Vitor comments because he saw this fight coming and will have no interest in Vitor after Fedor mauls him.

- After years of Tito and Dana saying that they would never work together they make amends out where with Dana publicly stating that Tito potentially will be in the UFC Hall of Fame. Dana wouldn't let Tito sign autographs at the UFC 100 convention leaving Tito to sign autos at a local Hooters, then all of the sudden they are buddies again? BS. Zuffa knew that the only way Affliction would make this PPV work without Barnett was Tito, and they covered there bases but getting back into his good graces.

- The Cro-Cop ordeal had inside job written all over it. Dana resigned him for a one fight deal not because they had a verbal deal for more fights, but because the UFC was in dire need to sell tickets in Germany. Cro-cop states that he is coming back for a run at the title then before the post-fight press conference its announced that Mirko is re- signing with Dream. Wouldn't he at least wait to leave the building before letting that information out? IMO that was Cro-Cop doing Dana a favor to show all the fans out there why he refuse to do one fight deals.
But then out of no where the Fertitta flys out to Croatia to get Mirko back? Why would he fly across the planet to convince a 2-2 UFC fighter with limited drawing power to come back to the UFC? Another example of tying up a guy who could of helped save the Affliction card.

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