Tom Atencio Does Not Announce Opponent for Fedor Emelianenko on Affliction: Trilogy Conference Call


On today's Affliction: Trilogy conference call, Tom Atencio said "this has been a complete surprise to us. If the results (of Barnett's test) stand, we are deeply disappointed."

Beau Dure asked if Josh Barnett's test could be overturned. It was Atencio's understanding that the CSAC had taken two samples and are now testing the second sample provided at the initial testing.

Franklin McNeil asked if Vitor Belfort would be fighting Fedor. Atencio answered that until he had signed contracts in hand he would not be making any announcements.

Michael David Smith asked if it was difficult or easy to get an opponent to sign to fight Fedor and if Fedor and his management were going to exercise a veto on potential opponents. Atencio said Fedor is ready to fight anyone and that it is not a problem to find an opponent, but they are looking for the BEST possible opponent.

Mike Straka asked if they were talking to other organizations about bringing in outside fighters. Atencio said that he had been talking to Strikeforce but that there had been no discussions with the UFC.

Adam Wagner asked if Josh Barnett's second sample comes back positive, how will that affect your relationship with him? Atencio said it won't impact the relationship but it will be "something that will be on Josh" and that the real meaning will be that "he won't be able to fight in my organization anymore."

Denny Burkholder asked if Josh Barnett is cleared by the second test if he would still fight. Atencio said that is up to the CSAC and that his understanding that if Barnett is cleared that it is a very real possibility that the Fedor vs Barnett fight could go on.

Ariel Helwani asked what  banned substance Barnett tested positive for. Atencio does not know.

Todd Martin asked if there had been any advance warning that there might be a problem with Josh's test results. Atencio said no, that yesterday was the first indication he had gotten that there might be a problem.

Michael David Smith asked how Atencio balances between the best PPV draw (Bobby Lashley) and the better sporting opponent (Fabricio Werdum). Atencio says he takes everything into account but that his emphasis is on putting on quality fights. "Look at the card. Affliction puts on quality cards and our priority is putting on the best event for the fans."

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