How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 4th Week of July


Promoted from the FanPosts by Kid Nate.

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA twittersphere..


"Sitting next to a man on the plane that smells like my dog's d**k. He wants to talk MMA and I'm trying to steer the conversation to soap..."  -Joe Rogan, Smells his dog's ho-hum for kicks..

"I would rather have a dog, cats aren't team players" -Mayhem Miller, cats have smellier dicks?

"Because i love him, and I was curious. I blame the weed."  -Joe Rogan, on why he smells his dog's lipstick-like organ.

"Shit, he's checking his phone with a frown and flared nostrils"  -Joe Rogan, worrying if dogd**k man is one of his followers in twitter..

"The stinky dude on the plane got drunk as f**k and started making nonsense conversation "is that a mac? i use a PC, how do you like those" ... Totally straight faced " I love it. It makes up for a lot of things that were missing in my childhood." Long stare, awkward moment... Him, "really?" Slowly... "yeaaaaah." "that's cool, man" ... on my connecting flight, new dude next to me is throwing em back too, and he doesn't smell so great either. My new nose has its drawbacks..."  -Joe Rogan

"my recovery from my nose operation requires cleaning my nose out with a waterpick pumping a diluted peroxide solution up my nose to clean it... Burns like f**k, and giant bloody snots come out, but it cleans out of my nose and feels awesome to breath right again"  -Joe Rogan

"@joerogandotnet lucky c**k. When I'm done fighting, hydrogen peroxide up my nose, for sure."  -Mayhem Miller

"Drug coma'd all night. Now driving and texting. These are YOUR streets, America."  -Mayhem Miller



"The little kid at the computer store just asked me if I was Kobe Bryant. Do I look like Kobe? I think he's kinda funny lookin actually... yes he saw me standing. So I'm a little shorter than Kobe. I'd still kick his ass tho. Please believe me!"  -Jason High

"is feelin like a diamond thats out in Antartica."  -King Mo

"you trying to say you have a boner?"  -Mayhem Miller, replying to King Mo

"Got a call from an acting agency to audition for the role of Kato on a remake of The Green Hornet I audition tomorrow at 12:50 in LA!! ...Just got out of my audition. Did alright. It was fun. Now it's time to wait an see."  -Mark Munoz, replacing Bruce Lee?

"Brett keeps bugging me to get off his computer so he can go to the bathroom and have some "quality time" with it....he lets the vids download b4 he goes to the bathroom, obviously he's done this before."  -Jason High, exposing Brett Cooper's bathroom 'entertainment' hobbies.


"@SpencerPratt I will pay you $25,000 to come on my show, MTV's Bully Beatdown. You are a BJJ Blackbelt, no? ...answer me, grapple a fellow Bjj black belt for three minutes... $25k come on bro- I start filming next week. If you're so tough, come on... hell, grapple me for 3, I'll let you start on my back."  -Mayhem Miller, constantly calling out Spencer Pratt

"@anngaff Look how cool my gf is. 1st thing out of her mouth a 130am...."Did Sakurai make weight?"  -Jason High

"is watchin the DREAM fights. Good fights and a great show!"  -King Mo

"Jason High "has been mounted more times than Jenna Haze"...where does one come up with such things? ...For the record, i think Micheal Shiavello is hilarious."  -Jason High

"Once again. Thanks to everyone and all the support. @jordanbreen still owes me a well written article even tho i think he's in luv w/ Galvao"  -Jason High



"I like to shop,even if it is at whole foods :)"  -Arianny Celeste

"You need to shop for a fanny pack! Support the movement!"  -Eddie Bravo

"You are correct. Time to call a lawyer. RT @_chenault_: My husband says fanny packs are gay. I told him he's gay."  -Joe Rogan

"YOU CAN'T STOP THE MOVEMENT!!!#fannypacks RT @aenus: Alec Baldwin is wearing a fanny pack on @jimmyfallon right now."  -Joe Rogan

"Kimo passed away... who can forget him and Joe San carrying giant crosses into the cage? Now Joe's in prison for violent rape."  -Nate Quarry

"Burn ur Bridges!Don't do it in a mean or nasty way.Simply MAKE SPACE 4 positive,let go of the negative!smile!"  -Arianny Celeste

"Now hear this, NOW HEAR THIS. My 10 month old walked today. That is all"  -Frank Trigg

"So is Kimo's ponytail alive or what? Does anyone know the whereabouts of his cross? Can some real MMA journalists get on this? Thanks... Damnit people I am talking ponytails!!! Not Kimo!! I know he is alive...."  -Kenny Florian 

"Kimo's pony tail in it's prime @1995 versus Steven Seagal's ponytail sans gel? Who wins? ...People forget how tightly braided Kimo's ponytail was. Highly underrated... Kimo's ponytail could kill two stones with one bird. Just by spinning his ponytail seagal could reverse the polarity of the earth."  -Kenny Florian   



"Started my training camp today for my fight against Chris "Lights out" Lytle on Sept. 16."  -Carlos Condit

"203 today! Went 6 rounds with Noguiera and Vera! Then burned 980 calories in a cardio circuit at Cutting Edge! Great day!!"  -Mark Munoz

"I just got done with dancing lessons with Leslie Bibb. We're in a scene in a movie together where we have to throw down. Very nice chic."  -Joe Rogan, improving on his rubber guard.

"just got done trainin wit Babalu. He is lookin good!"  -King Mo, really? like Brad Pitt Good? 

"I think ill do my heavy bag workout 2 some michael jackson 2 finally pay my tribute tonight"  -Shayna Baszler

"12 rounds straight with Vera, Nat'l Champ Phil Davis, Noguiera, n Lambert. Great session! On to Cutting Edge for strength n conditioning... I'm training at Alliance with Vera, Noguiera, Phil Davis, Jason Lambert. I'm also training at Jokers Wild with Mike Guymon... Down to 201 today! Going well! Plan to get to 195 by next week!"  -Mark Munozon schedule to make his 185 lb. debut. 

" - Pilates pic 1. Check the Iron Maiden T."  -Josh Barnett, translation: This shirt makes this look less girly.




"I just booked my trip to Cancun w/my lovely canadian girlfriends. There will be some good pics on that trip! 18 days! Philly to cancun!"  -Arianny Celeste, i guess that the future How's Taste My Tweet Tweet editions will be filled with arianny vacation pics.

"I'm an 80s baby. I rock white ray bans. And what!!?? #fb"  -Arianny Celeste


"Bet u didn't know I could do this did ya? Yrs of gymnastics n competitive cheerleading. @ashleyborden was shocked!#fb"  -Arianny Celeste, does a backwards BJ Penn move.


" - Octogon girl alert!"  -Holly Madison


\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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