Sorting out the UFC HW title picture.

Hey everybody.  It's been a while since my last post, so cut me a little slack if it's a bit sloppy.

In the wake of UFC 100, a very important fact was established within the 205+ division; and that fact is that Brock is the kingpin of the UFC HW ranks.  To clarify, I didn't really consider Lesnar the true HW champ until he unified the title on the 11'th (nor did I consider Mir the true champ).  Now that there's been a resolution to the mini Heavyweight tournament within the UFC, a relatively clear pecking order has been established.

First off, it's heavily rumored that the winner of Carwin/ Velasquez will recieve a title shot.  I fully expect Shane to edge out Cain (although I wouldn't be surprised if Cain won), because I think their wrestling will about cancel out, and that Carwin has more powerful standup.  I expect a Carwin UD, which will almost certainly set up Lesnar/ Carwin.

Aside from that contenders match, you have Randy/ Nog, which could potentially set up the next title challenger.  If Randy wins (which I think he will, although it will be a tough fight), then I see him fighting the winner of Crocop/ Dos Santos, or possibly Frank Mir for a title shot.  However, if Nog wins (especially if it's impressive, i.e. a submission), I think it puts him right in line for a title shot, or at least for a #1 contenders match (in which the CC/ JDS winner, or Frank Mir make the most sense).

Then, you have Frank Mir.  Granted, he just got whooped on by Brock, but considering that they're 1-1, I think Frank needs maybe 1-2 solid wins for the rubber match to happen.  Maybe it starts out with Mir taking a fight against Gonzaga or Kongo, and then proceeding to fight the winner of Nog/ Randy.  Couture/ Mir would be a great matchup, and i'm sure noone would complain about seeing a more decisive rematch of Frank and Nogueira.

Then, you have some other guys in the picture, like Dos Santos, Mirko, as well as perennial UFC contenders Gonzaga and Kongo, who could all potentially put together a few wins, and challenge for the title.

All in all, there are some very interesting matchups at HW in the UFC, and I wouldn't at all be surprised if Lesnar held on to his title, or relinquished it.


That said, now that the wake of UFC 100 is about faded, let us all get pump stoked about Affliction 3, and mainly



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