Should the UFC create a "Super Heavyweight" division?

Brock-lesnar_mediumWith all the hype going into UFC100 behind Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir, it got me thinking about the last few times Brock Lesnar has fought. I will be the first to say that any fighter should use his or her best abilities to beat an opponent, whether it's speed, power, reach or in Brock's case, his SIZE. It is pretty obvious to me that his size or weight has partially got him where he is today in the UFC. I think you will be hard pressed to find anybody who actually thinks Brock has more MMA skills/tools than say Randy Couture, but yet Brock was able to finsh him in Donkey Kong fashion. My suggesting a "super hw" division isn't just because of Brock, he is just the obvious example. There is a lot of guys that would fit into this division should it be created. Lets say there was a HW division from 205 to 240 lbs. That would put the SHW division from 240 to whatever the ceiling weight limit would be. I think they should have it be around 275-280 lbs. Lets take a look at who would currently fit into this category of SH. The number I am using are directly off the UFC's website for their current roster of HW fighters.

Mostapha Al-Turk 242 lbs.
Shane Carwin 262 lbs.
Gabriel Gonzaga 242 lbs.
Tim Hague 265 lbs.
Antoni Hardonk 245 lbs.
Heath Herring 250 lbs.
Cheick Kongo 240 lbs.
Brock Lesnar 265 lbs.
Justin McCully 240 lbs.
Frank Mir 240 lbs.
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 240 lbs. (I just realized he has every vowel in his last name)
Cain Velasquez 240 lbs.
Mike Wessel 260 lbs.

All of these fighters, plus not to mention some of the big boys that will be coming in after the next TUF season, would in my opinion make for enough decent match-ups to carry its own division. I realize some of these guys would cut and try to get down to the HW division, but maybe some would bulk up a little bit and try their chance as a SHW first. Not only would this create a new division, but maybe it would entice some 205's to come up and try their luck at HW. Once again for fun sake, lets look at who maybe would take the shot at jumping to HW from 205.

Houston Alexander
Rashad Evans
Forrest Griffin
Matt Hamil
Rampage Jackson

Chuck Liddell
Shogun Rua
Thaigo Silva
Brandon Vera

Compile those possible names with the left over lighter HW from the original division and I think you have yourself enough big names to keep the interest in all divisions. Hopefully, it would create a small ripple effect down though out the other divisions and let guys that normally cut a bit too much weight feel more comfortable in fighting up a class. I think eventually the UFC will need this to create new and exciting match ups without having to have "catch weight" fights. With the weight classes as they are now things could get stale faster than they can develop new talent, so i think 155, 170, 185, 205, 240 and 275 just makes sense. Now on to your is the poll!

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