UFC 125 (predictions)

After watching UFC 100, and reminiscing about a couple years back, its crazy to imagine who the best fighters are now, which fighters have moved past their prime, and which fighters are starting to really blossom.  Hypothetically, lets say that the UFC holds a PPV, or Fight Night event once a month, which is about the pace they are currently on.  That means that when UFC 125 rolls around about 2 and a half years will have passed.  Who do you think will be the fighters who are becoming elite in their weight class?  Who will have reached their peek are start their decline?  


My thoughts:

HW:  I think that Brock Lesnar will not loose another fight in the UFC, and will get bored and leave the sport.  The HW champion will be Gegard Mousasi.  I think guys such as Couture, Nog, maybe even Fedor will have retired by then as well.

LHW:  Although I believe that Machida has a strong hold on the division right now, this division is just to deep for one person to stay undefeated.  I can see Machida still with the belt, or right in the mix.  Guys like Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, and Shogun will be considered the "elite" with guys like Evans, Griffin and Rampage still at the top as well.  This is the one weight class that I see changing the least

MW:  This is the weight class that I see changing the most.  A. Silva is getting bored, and he's already fought and beat the top contenders (Nate, Hendo).  I think Silva will have completed the move to LHW and will still be a force, or may even leave MMA to pursue boxing.  Nate Marquardt will be the MW champion, with guys like Akiyama, Belfort, and GSP being the top contenders. 

WW: GSP gets bored with no real threats, and leaves to fight at MW.  Fitch becomes champion after GSP vacates the belt.  I don't see this division changing much anytime soon.  Alves, Fitch, Kos, Swick, Kampmann, Kim and Condit are all young and very good.  Plus with a lot of top contenders there are endless matchups to be had.  Guys like Hughes, and Serra will be done.

LW:  Gray Maynard is champ(Yep) BJ got bored with the UFC and his weight division and is off in Japan fighting who ever he gets the most money to fight(Aoki, Sakurai, Hellboy) Florian is still a legit threat, as is Tyson Griffon, but neither guys can over come Maynards wrestling/boxing.  Sherk is off fighting in strikeforce after 3 straight losses, Donald Cerrone is making waves in the UFC, and Frankie Edgar has dropped to 145 and is the FW champion.


What does everyone else think?  Who will be gone? Who will become Elite? 

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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