Is all the Brock Lesnar hate valid?

This is just a rant of mine, because since about 5 minutes after his dominating victory all I have heard throughout the internet  is about Brock Lesnar this and Brock Lesnar that.  Numerous people claiming that the UFC has "lost one more fan", and that Brock Lesnar is awful for the sport.




I personally think that this talk is outrageous.  Brock is very much a crass, in your face individual, but I hardly think that it is going to "ruin the sport".  Just a few points as to why I think the hate isn't warrented:

1. While watching UFC 100 @ Buffalo Wild Wings, I couldnt even talk to my buddies sitting next to me because the entire resteraunt was cheering and going nuts after Lesnars win. Like it or not, Lesnar is the biggest star in the UFC and will only help to draw more fans, press, and coverage into a sport that is desperatly trying to break into one of "major sport" categories.  My dad called me this morning and asked about Brock Lesnar.  My dad has never watched a UFC fight...ever.  Yet the local sports talk radio show was discussing the main event, and the fact that he was a new breed of athlete.

2.  People got pissed that Lesnar was talking shit to Mir after the fight, and that he refused to touch gloves.  I personally find this refreshing.  Maybe its all the fake trash talking, and fake feuds(Davis/Hardy) that end with the two "enemies" hugging and raising each others hands.  I know that if I was trainging to fight someone for 3 months, and they were talking shit and running their mouth the entire time, it would be awfully hard to just let it go, and be friends after the fight.  Lesnar just shows real emotion.

3.  This perceived lack of respect for the sport.  Apparently being a loud outspoken guy atamatically means that you dont respect the sport.  Sure he bad mouthed the UFC's sponsors, but is that really that big of an offense?  Numerous people have been saying how Lesnar is the reason that they wont be buying any UFC PPV that he is on anymore.  But what about Dan Henderson?  He could have caused serious damage to Bisping then said he did it to "shut him up", or BJ Penn when he fought Pulver?  He held the choke extra long, even as the ref tried to pull him away.  But neither of these offenses, which could have injured the other person, were considedred disrespectful.  Yet when Lesnar, a former WWE wrestlers, bad mouths a sponsor, saids he might have sex with his wife, and flips off the crowd, its punishable by death.


Unfortunately people are focusing to much on this post-fight antics, and less on the fact that we have a new dominant HW champion, one who could go down as one of the best ever if he keeps up this domination that he has shown in his past 3 fights.

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