How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 1st Week of July


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA twittersphere..



"Thus ends the strangest saga in all of pop culture. A life so strange it can't even be captured in a movie. He's on my ipod right now..."  -Joe Rogan, on the passing of Michael Jackson

"what the hell!?! OxiClean pitchman found dead by his wife. he was 50."  -Nate Quarry, talking about Billy Mays.

"Downloaded Blood Bowl for the PC. I remember the first game was a blast back 1994 or so. My nerd is now reliving old Warhammer games..."  -Josh Barnett, might get along very well with Joe Lauzon

"Paw and Order Woof woof!"  -Nate Quarry, a new courtroom series?

"is relaxin and watchin Chuck Norris get slid by Bruce Lee."  -King Mo, talking about this epic movie scene.

"Oh, I forgot the film a little from me doing the voice over for the new Kevin James movie ZOO KEEPER. I am a wolf, a real one, not animated"  -Bas Rutten, the wolf doesn't howl, it goes "Bing! Bang! ..leeever shot!"

"Listening to Ukelele music at 3000 decibles. When you are Z level celeb, they sit you up front next to the speakers."  -Mayhem Miller, celebrity......

"I'm watching the Watchmen in my hotel room, and they've edited out all the blue dicks. Didn't think I was going to miss them this much... They kept the rape scene intact but cut out all the blue cock. I guess we all have different ideas of what is and isn't offensive."  -Joe Rogan, likes them blue dicks.


"I just got out of the Docs and hand is still fractured. I'm really upset. I thought I was ready, my hand doesn't even hurt, but the doc pulled the rug out from my feet.."  -Jamie Varner, was still injured so the WEC set up Ben Henderson vs. Donald Cerrone for the interim title

"Just leaving Affliction on the shoot for the new Shadows Fall vid. It looks like it's gonna kick ass."  -Josh Barnett, like what Fedor is gonna do?

"Finished another double session. Great workouts today for s&c and boxing."  -Kenny Florian, finished off two guys today.

"It is not official yet because the contracts are not signed but it looks like I will return to Texas & fight Martin Kampmann on Sept. 19th... I am very excited and plan to give my Texas fans a great fight! I am already back in the gym training. 12 weeks to go.."  -Mike Swick, will face Martin Kampmann in what could very well be a no.1 contenders match.

"Great day of finally doing NOTHING.. Hanging with the team at richs pool, then we are all going out to a team dinner then bonfire..relaxing!"  -Jorge Gurgel, training hard for his next MMA kickboxing match..

"this weekends highlight so far. Screaming "Red Dragons!" with the linemen from the SF 49ers then uppercutting one in the stomach for $100"  -Mayhem Miller, training hard for Jacare

"Brock is at 285 right now"  -Dana White, good luck murrr.

"just finished training at HMC. good times. now a potluck dinner"  -Mayhem Miller, Hong Man Choi is so big, you don't train with him. You train at him.



"Getting my deviated septum operated on in the morning. Had a problem with it for over 20 years, so I'm psyched. I'll take lots of pictures... broke my nose falling down a flight of stairs when I was 5, and then I've been punched, kneed and kicked in the face too many times to count"  -Joe Rogan

"Girls night in..sooo fun. Red wine and boy talk. Amaaaazzing."  -Arianny Celeste

"Hang in there uk fans we will get you 100"  -Dana White, has the Brits drinking more than usual since Setanta went out.

"First Day of Hockey School ROCKED!!! Kole and I bAgged'... Day 3 of Hockey proud of Kole!!!!...meantime Im getting beat up.. Back to civilation!!! camp camp for my little Gretzky starts Monday....Dacosta's have TV!!!!"  -Mike Goldberg, finally got forced by Joe Rogan to start a twitter account.

"Wisdom: Do not try to rush the first dump of the day. Relax, and enjoy the muted sting of last nights jalapenos."  -Joe Rogan, a very wise man.

"My daughter has big girl farts."  -Jason High

"Lil chalupa is tired, Canada here I come even if only for 48 hours. Sweet dreams!"  -Arianny Celeste, try changing it's nickname from "Lil Chalupa" to maybe, "Giant Buritto" so you'd boost his self confidence a bit.

"here's my nose about 12 hours after surgery for a deviated septum. A little uncomfortable, but no big deal really... I look worse than I feel... Folks thinking about getting this operation but scared of the pain, it's honestly not bad. My throat hurts worse from the anesthesia tube."  -Joe Rogan




"Just about time to go to war. I'm ready!!!"  -Bobby Lashley, faced off with Bob Sapp

"Just straightened a fighters nose for him. Of course you slap him first."  -Nate Quarry

"Mad props 2 Tom Atencio 4 gettin from behind the desk an steppin n the cage. More promoters should do so 2 get a view from the other side."  -Jason High

"1st round ground and pound win!!! Bob Lashley is the best Bob!"  -Bobby Lashley, what about Bob Arum? Bob the Builder? Bob Marley?



"Arrived back in Montreal this afternoon and leaving for Iowa in the morning. Damn cell phone won't work!!!"  -Pat Miletich

" Bet ya didn't know. :) ... Now u know *!!**!"  -Arianny Celeste




" On the way to the event!! WATCH OUT !! Arianny and Jenny!! ... Light it up... Jenny n Ari..that's a wrap. Night night! -Arianny Celeste





"We have a guest at pro practice this Am. Zander Freitag the next big thing."  -Urijah Faber


" - UFC legend Rich Franklin stops by Bristol to be a part of MMA Live"  -ESPN MMA LIVE


" - Jus chillin @ home on the couch watchin tivo...with a pirates hat on.. ;)"  -Rob McCullough, likes a bit of role play to make stuff exciting.


"Kicking it with Bon Jovi. Rocking the tank. Yes don't worry I will b making some Tanks for everyone!"  -Urijah Faber


"Hung out with De La Hoya last night. Really cool guy."  -Urijah Faber, with the Golden Boy


"Had a photoshoot in the mountains at 39 degrees. It was freezing! Here's one of them."  -Mark Munoz, less than two months away from his middleweight debut


"Nice guys!"  -Urijah Faber, wins this week's "What's Wrong With This Picture?" award.


\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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