Shane Carwin Calls Brock Lesnar a Liar

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In a recent interview with GroundNPound, Brock Lesnar was quoted saying: I_cfc_medium

I do not see them (Shane Carwin and Cain Velasquez) as threats to me. I like to keep a mindset like that. They are both great wrestlers. Shane Carwin and I actually met the day before UFC 96. He is a great guy - we actually had our punch forces tested too.

We were told to throw the hardest right cross we could on a punching bag. I was able to rack up 1350 pounds per square inch. He did a little over 1200, making my punch harder.

Shane Carwin talked to and he denied ever doing a "punching contest" with Lesnar:

"The guy is a freaking liar. We never meet at UFC 96, I was getting ready for a battle with Gonzaga not hanging out at Dave and Busters with Brock. I do not understand why guys like Brock claim to have tested against me. He has the belt, shouldn’t he be the standard?"

UPDATE - The interview was a fake. GroundNPound issued this statement:

First off, GNP would like to apologize to Brock Lesnar, his fans and all the site members.
June 23rd an interview was posted on the front page, somehow access was gained to the main administrator account and the person responsible posted the "fake" interview.

Im not sure if the interview was real and just copy/pasted from another source or if the interview was just made up by the person who gained access to the site. Either way, GNP, myself or any of the other admins on the site had anything to do with it.

Again, we are sorry that it happened and we are both looking into the actual cause and method used to gain access. rest assured we will take steps to prevent it from happening again as we find the holes in our security.

HT: Jesse Holland

Shane Carwin also went on to deny a few more rumors, such as him helping Randy Couture train for Brock and a UFC 103 fight against Cain Velasquez:

Earlier reports had me training with Couture while he was training for Brock, again a total BS rumor. I have never trained with Randy Couture.


No I am not fighting on UFC 103. I have not heard from the UFC for some time now. I am without my training partners and coaches as they are on a "camping trip", and again, I have not heard anything about fighting anyone yet.

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