How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 4th Week of June

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A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA twittersphere..


"Damn, trying to get my swag on, but it's taking a minute..." -Mayhem Miller answers the question to 'how's work his tweet tweet?'

"is watch Masvidal slide this boy. The women out here is like a damn candy shop! I see chocolates, caramels, toffee, reds, yellas, vanillas!"  -King MO, likes all flavors of candy.

"Latinos get Bellator along w/175000$ paydays. Black people get Iron Ring? And now Iron Ring 2? Please, no."  -Jason High

"is at La Playa with Kami and Gholar. Its coo but I hate techno. I think they play techno to keep black folks away. Im ready to go!" -King MO, yep, the white man invented techno to ward off black folk, and people with good taste in music.

"Who saw Obama kill the fly? I know everybody else kills flys too but usually it takes me a couple swats. 1 swat 1 kill 4 Obama. Gangster."  -Jason High

"Believe me when I say I fucked a mermaid!"  -Tiki Ghosn, what no twitpic?



"Baby girl just shot poop all the way from one end of the changing table to the floor. Quite impressive."  -Jason High

"iPhone 3GS. Pretty sick."  -Joe Lauzon

"Daaaamn. Yoshihiro Akiyama is sponsered by Nike and they made him a signature pair of Air Force 1's for UFC 100. "I am Jacks raging jealousy""  -Jason High, gets major props for the Sexyama + Fight Club reference.

"Nope,no fanny pack for me,unless I can find one big enough to store my balls in,that way when I reach in 4 my comb I can sneak a scratch in"  -Eddie Bravo, innovator..

"I just watched Star Trek 2009 and King Kong 1933 back to back. Pretty fucking crazy how far special effects have come. King Kong was still fun, but now it's a subtle comedy. I loved the natives freaking out over seeing a white chic, I had to rewind it twice"  -Joe Rogan

"Oh my god. What the hell is going on here? My grandma is on facebook. Of course she sent me a friend request."  -Jason High, Ah yes, the power of innovation.


"Oh shit! It's vegas time again! Diego vs Guida is gonna look like 2 crackheads fighting over the last rock on earth!"  -Eddie Bravo

" - At the fights. How the fuck did I get here?! Hope Guida owns the night!"  -Mayhem Miller

"OMG!! how does clay get one judge calling the fight for him!?! what the hell?"  -Nate Quarry, cause some people like Lay N' Pray

"Omg..sanchez vs guida fight=amazing!!"  -Arianny Celeste

"Again,there are no 10thpjj blkbelts, joe is a brown, sean bollinger is among the closest to black & it's not necessary 2 know Bjj b4 10thpjj"  -Eddie Bravo

"Phil Baroni still running his mouth. "Fuck Dan Henderson" No no Phil, fuck you."  -Jason High, Oh snap!

"PerezHilton talking about how he doesn't like drama in his life after he called Will.I.Am a fag and got punched in the head made my day... Watch this, it makes you want to smack him He talks shit about people for a living and gets upset when karma rolls in"  -Joe Rogan, explaining that the Gods used Will.I.Am's fist to teach Perez a lesson.

"how do I get to be a trending topic? do I smack Perez hilton and get #mayhemmiller"  -Mayhem Miller

"@PerezHilton Not true. In fact I'd like to train you in Krav Maga. Then you'll have the situational awareness not to get in someone's face... I also want to train you in an old martial art called "Never Call A Black Dude a Faggot Jitsu."  -John Mayer, the wise martial arts guru, conversing with Perez "Punched in the Face" Hilton



"Great session with Din over at Florian Martial Arts Center tonight. Din is a bad dude."  -Kenny_Florianwhat did he do? steal your lunch?

"im at ATT and im bout to grind... Thiago's strength and conditionin circuit is unfuckwitable! Im watchin him and Jorge Santiago doin some real Sean Sherk type shit... i just got done trainin wit howard davis jr" -King MO

"Just finished my high altitude training now it's time to head back to Florida.. ATT!"  -Bobby Lashley

"Rashad is getting knocked the hell out!!"  -Rampage Jackson, don't say that rampage. Don't say that.

"I bought ghostbusters for Xbox yesterday.... brings back some MAJOR childhood memories. Game is pretty cool. Haven't played online yet."  -Joe Lauzon, twaining for his next fight.

"got beat down at kickball today. i hate my friends..."  -Nate Quarry, you should try Frank's stability balls next time. I hear they greatly improve your striking, grappling and wrestling.

"I can honestly say I'm proud of my dedication to my training for this fight!"  -Bobby Lashley, fights Bob Sapp this weekend.

"Got a good workout in today. I am not getting out of shape this time! Heading to Vegas tomorrow morning for WSOP. Can't wait to play!"  -Mike Swick, trying to stay fit so we wouldn't cramp up while pushing all in.



"Hate Bush as much as you want but what Bush gave the people of Iraq is what the people of Iran want."  -Pat Miletich... Yeah.. well.. you're right..... I can still hate on Bush as much as i want.

"Today I turned 30! Weird, because it feels just like 29. Last night in Germany. We will fly back to reality tomorrow. I am excited actually."  -Mike Swick

"True fear and loathing in Las Vegas circa 2009. The dark city seen through the eyes of purple diesel"  -Joe Rogan

"Thanks to Mrs Hilsabeck and her 2nd grade class"  -Urijah Faber


" - This is how I do my bday!! ... ... ... - Red carpet for my bday with @tikighosn & michael bisping"  -Rampage Jackson






" - Gonna make it rain!!"  -Rampage Jackson, on his new job as a stripper.


" - was out celebrating for SMOOTHY'S bday"  -Rampage Jackson, notice how bisping ALWAYS, ALWAYS has his eyes closed in every picture he's in.


" - I guess he doesn't like bread anymore."  -Mayhem Miller


" Positive energy glasses..haha hopefully I will be smiling at the weigh ins. Have a good day! .. Weigh ins with my girls."  -Arianny Celeste



"Hanging with the" Arizona guy" uraijah Faber"  -BJ Penn


"Bj, shane, Jd Penn Leo Vierra good food. Leo Vierra is an amazing BJj world champ! Wish my hands were better."  -Urijah Faber


"Unreal home my friend is building on sunset. 12000 sq feet 6 times bigger than my house. A cool 8 mill. Maybe some day."  -Urijah Faber



"Bj signing the chefs jacket."  -Urijah Faber


" - Me damian& tito drivin 2 alexandia,LA 2 eat lunch."  -Rob McCullough


"In the docs office again getting a bone stimulator. Same as Lance Armstrong."  -Urijah Faber


"First time Ive seen my hand in two weeks."  -Urijah Faber


"Finished gotta keep the left on too Faber


"Thank u everyone for the Fan mail! Even Jess-sick-kuhhh. I motivated u guys, now u return the favor. Thanks!!"   -Urijah Faber


" My new boyfriend, we share hair conditioner :)"  -Arianny Celeste


" We all look pretty happy no? Haha shooting for Fabio`s healthy planet protein system."  -Arianny Celeste


\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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