Bloody Elbow Betting Game: Season 1 Results and a Look to the Future


TUF 9 Finale Results:

Our camp winner for picks out of the TUF 9 Finale is virginiatech with 74 points awarded through correct fight predictions. That is good for an impressive 15th overall out of 4290. Nicely done.

SmytheX turned $400 into $895, including money awarded through fight predictions, at the last event of MMA Playground's 5th season. The $400 bet on Ross Pearson was our camp's best bet under this season's limit of $1,000.

Season 1 Results:

Whitebread is our BE camp winner for picks over the entire season, finishing with 511 points awarded through correct predictions. For the UFC 93 and UFC 94 events, during which Bloody Elbow was not yet a contributing member at MMA Playground, the points have been subtracted. Littlenicky2355 is 2nd for the season, finishing with 496 points.

As it concerns the betting winner over the entire season, I finished with $8,077 and thetakeover finished with $6,214.

However, for our second event on MMA Playground, UFC 95, I bet $200 over this season's self-imposed $1,000 limit. If I were to subtract the $1,309 I won from that event, I would still have enough to be in first place. Thetakeover, for his part, has kept all of his event bets under $1,000. If people think I should be disqualified from medal contention for betting over limit on one event, I have no problem with that.

The good news out of all this is that our next season, starting in three weeks with UFC 100, will have no limits placed on betting and results will be readily apparent.

Next Season:

MMA for Real is switching their betting game over to MMA Playground. Kelvin Hunt was kind enough to accept the challenge which I issued and I have every intention of making the Bloody Elbow betting supremecy known to them throughout the season. If you are a current member of the BE betting ensemble and wish to change ranks, please do so now.


Yes, this season will be worth more than pride. The goal is to get as many autographs and as much signed apparel as possible out of my trip to UFC 100 and its expo. My resolve for this increases in direct proportion to the amount of people signed up for the betting game. Currently, we have 141 in our camp. This number needs to increase. Stipulations on prizes will most likely be forthcoming to prevent people from joining at the end of the season just to claim them. Prizes will, for sure, go to the most accurate predictor and the highest earner over the entire season. There is a possibility, depending on quantity, that lesser items could go to the mid-season leaders in both categories and as well as whole season medaling finishers.

Important: If you wish to join the Bloody Elbow betting ensemble, send me a message or leave a comment in this thread so I can send you an invite. Please make sure your MMA Playground login name is the same as your BE name or as close as possible so we can give you the proper credit.

The season results in our division (60+ members):


Congratulations to everyone who took part. Full wager and pick results for the TUF 9 Finale are in the extended entry.

The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale coverage






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