TUF 9 Finale Review

Event as a whole: B+

Since it was on cable: A


Jason Dent vs. Cameron Dollar

Dollar actually surprised me a bit taking it to Dent throughout the entire first round. Dent was FAR from impressive on the show and guys like Mark Miller and Richie Whitson seem more deserving of a shot in the UFC in my opinion. Dollar's inexperience cost him this fight as he should have continued his over-aggressive striking assault.

Dent: Needs to train hard and improve his striking. Next opponent - UFC newcomer or Rob Emerson

Dollar: Needs experience outside of the UFC before coming back. Or Roli Delgado


Nick Osipczak vs. Frank Lester

Lester is a true fighter with the heart of a lion. His skills simply do not match his heart yet. Osi was decent on the show and this was an even match-up which slightly favored him because he's more well-rounded and technically sound. Lester actually did well in scrambles and obviously worked on his game since the show. The better fighter won, though, and Nick used one stright punch and knee to set up the RNC.

Osipczak: I underestimated him coming in. He belongs in the UFC at the bottom of the chain and needs more experience. Next - Newcomer or Peter Sobotta

Lester: Heart can only take you so far. Needs fights out of the UFC.

Mike Ciesnolevicz vs. Tomasz Drwal

Not much to say here. Basically a meaningless fight as Mike C missed weight and both guys lacked intensity. I'm not sure why Drwal was going for takedowns when he had a big advantage striking. Either way Mike C looked uninspired (or injured) and eventually got hurt and finished in the first. Drwal was one of my favorite prospects, but he still has failed to deliver 100%.

Mike C: Don't know what was wrong tonight. Just an off night or injured? Next - Eliot Marshall

Drwal: Up the ladder a bit even though it wasn't overly impressive. Next - Eric Schafer

Brad Blackburn vs. Edgar Garcia

Really close fight. Round 1 Garcia, Round 2 Blackburn, Round 3 ??. Blackburn usually starts out nicely and fades. He has obviously worked his cardio and it helped him in this one. I was surprised Garcia chose to stand and strike with Blackburn. What surprised me even more was Garcia actually getting the better of it some of the time. Either way - it was a good fight for both guys and they both will be back.

Garcia - Deserves a win and should get someone he can beat. Next - Jesse Sanders or newcomer.

Blackburn - Who would have expected him to be 3-0 in the UFC? He was on a roll later in the IFL and has evolved as a fighter. His main weakness is the fact that opponents ALWAYS know his gameplan. Next - Marcus Davis (sweet huh?)

Melvin Guillard vs. Gleison Tibau

As much as Rogan and the crowd disliked the Blackburn decision - I have to say this one was much more questionable....and by questionable I mean total garbage. I'm not a fan of either guy and expected a good fight. What we got was a stalemate and a robbery. Both guys surely deserve to be in the UFC - this was just an unfortunate dud.

Tibau - A threat to everyone in the division when he is on. Next - Mark Bocek

Guillard - If he can fend off a guy like Tibau this much and actually land his shots - he is always dangerous. Next - Thiago Tavares

Joe Stevenson vs. Nate Diaz

Very entertaining fight that was a must win for Daddy. His spot in the UFC was not in jeopardy after the losses to Florian, Sanchez, and Penn. All it did was prove he is not top 4-5 in the UFC yet. He finally changed camps and added to his game and it showed tonight. He dominated early and faded the last minute or so. Diaz was too content and patient on his back. Stevenson isn't one to usually make fatal mistakes unless he is gassed or hurt. Diaz did nothing to hurt Joe and was just the worse fighter that night.

Diaz - Two fight losing streaks are bad - it will take 4 in a row to get him the boot though. Next - Terry Etim

Stevenson - Back on track and better than ever with Jackson behind him. Climbing the ladder again. Next - Joe Lauzon/Cole Miller

Ross Pearson vs. Andre Winner

Neither guy excited me too much coming into the fight and neither guy overly impressed me coming out. It wasn't the most entertaining fight and it wasn't terrible. It was just overshadowed by other fights after it. Unless they evolve I don't see either guy making too much of a push at 155.

Winner: As much as I dogged him, he deserves another chance. He has skills and needs to put it all together. Next - Junie Browning

Pearson: Tough guy who looked pretty well rounded. He is nowhere near ready to be thrown to the wolves. He is a TUF winner who needs to be brought along slowly. Next - George Roop

Chris Lytle vs. Kevin Burns

On paper this fight was to be a barn burner. It delivered 100% and was just a sneak peak at the great things to come later in the night. Rogan said it best calling this a "Chris Lytle type of fight". That's all that needs to be said. Burns is a warriors and would have had this fight had he not gassed out in the second. Props to both guys - it was a pleasure to watch.

Burns - Guy has serious skills and needs to work on cardio a bit. Next - Rory Markham

Lytle - Put him against anyone and it will be entertaining for sure. Next - Ben Saunders

Damarques Johnson vs. James Wilks

While this fight did not go the way I thought it would, it was still fun to watch while it lasted. Johnson showcased a good chin and a lot of heart hanging on as long as he did after being hurt. Wilks absolutely upped his game and trained hard and to me is the best prospect of the season by the looks of it. I completely underestimated his skills and look forward to seeing him in action in the UFC.

Johnson - A fan favorite and exciting fighter. Needs an easy fight. Next - Newcomer or Jonathan Goulet.

Wilks - Can't say enough about him. Impressed me to no end. Next - Newcomer or Ricky Story

Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida

On paper this is a fight of the year candidate. On screen this was a complete freak show that I couldn't turn away from. Oh, and that was before the fight even began. The first round was fireworks and was already passed all expectations. Round 2 slowed a bit, but also evened up the fight more. Round 3 was good and picking a winner was nearly impossible. Sanchez did more damage and was more aggressive with sub attempts and strikes and was close to finishing the fight at one point. I think he clearly deserved the win.

Guida - What hasn't been said? Iron chin and a warrior even though he looks to control fights without finishing. Next - Tyson Griffin II?

Sanchez - If he can get his weight cutting perfected he will be a monster at 155. I don't think he is 100% ready for a title shot, but he will likely get it. Next - Frankie Edgar or winner of Penn/Florian.


Flame on, or agree. Whatever floats your boat. Excuse typos and whatnot.

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