Diego Sanchez Tells Clay Guida: "It's On Homie" at TUF 9 Finale and Demands Title Shot

Diego-sanchez_mediumSteve Cofield interviews Diego Sanchez and gets him wound up about Clay Guida's recent critique of his striking style:

"Wanna talk some trash? Now it's on homie. Clay, I know you're going to try and throw your little 1-2 combo to a takedown. I'll be waiting for that, also a big left knee is gonna be waiting for that. The same thing Roger (Huerta) did to you, except my knee is going to be harder, more accurate and timed perfect."

"He's talking a bunch of trash, sayng that my fight was like a robot, my stand-up was like a robot, saying I telegraph my kicks. His stand-up skills are nothing. Just like a basic wrestler guy."

CagePotato also talks to Sanchez about the title picture and where he fits in:

If I win, I think I’ll deserve a title shot right away.  But if he wins – well, he’s not going to win – but even if he did, he wouldn’t be the number one contender.  I think they’d make him fight Gray Maynard first.

That’s pretty specific.  Why Gray Maynard?

Gray Maynard is kind of the top contender at 155 now.  Me, coming down from 170 and beating Joe Stevenson, he’s one of the top guys in the weight class.  He had a loss to B.J. [Penn] and a loss to Kenny Florian, but he’s still a top guy and Clay Guida hasn’t beaten those kinds of guys.

Why wouldn’t they also make you fight Gray Maynard, if he’s really the top contender at 155?

Because when it’s all said and done, when it comes down to this business, it’s about money and it’s about what sells.  If you know the fight business, and I’m guessing you do since you’re interviewing me, you should know what sells.  You go back to my fight with Kenny Florian, where I beat him down in one minute and twenty seconds and it wasn’t even a fight. You think Kenny Florian wants a rematch?  I hope he does.  I know the fans want to see it, and I know they’ll pay to see it.  That’s what it comes down to, buddy.

You think Florian will take the title away from B.J. Penn?

I think he’s hungrier and I think he’s working harder.  I’d actually like to see B.J. Penn win, honestly.  That’s the guy I would rather fight.  I’ve already fought Kenny Florian and beaten him.  But if Kenny Florian gets past B.J., then bring it on Kenny Florian.  That’s fine.  Then he’s earned a rematch and I’ve earned a title shot.  It’s great for the fans.

The whole interview is worth a read. Diego breaks down Clay's game in brutal fashion, returning the "robotic" critique Guida hit him with and saying that Guida's game hasn't evolved but Diego's has.

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