How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? -- MMA on Twitter for the 3rd Week of June

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A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA twittersphere..



"Attention T-Pain: there are no kicks legally allowed in Judo."  -Mayhem Miller, and soccer kicks in MMA.. But you should already know that by now..

"Mariah carey and Lori Loughlin from full house were on my flight..Mariah looked great I luv her voice!"  -Arianny Celeste

"Me: I hope your show doesn't do better than mine.. P.Hilton: it will.. Me: What were first week numbers? P.Hilton: I don't even know what that means"  -Mayhem Miller, Maybe if you go naked on camera too, you'd beat her show.

"Showed up to red carpet at a hot club in sweatpants and flippie floppies End of carpet, dropped my pants."Fuck Spencer! I'm the king of MTV"  -Mayhem Miller, okay i guess that wasn't such a good idea..

"Saw Barry Bonds yesterday being chased by paperazzi. I was going to join in but then I realized I have a life."  -Nate Quarry

"Some scumbucket in Santa Monica popped the trunk on rental and stole my mama's luggage, left my keys, must of been a bully beatdown fan"  -Mayhem Miller

"I figured if I tweet funny shit all day that more people will reply at me and more people will follow the cult of mayhem. Internet cult."  -Mayhem Miller

"A-listers B-lister and me, the original Z list celebrity. How did I get here?"  -Mayhem Miller, uhh.. by starting your own internet cult?


" Peace out to Germany! Be back soon! Xoxo"  -Arianny Celeste

"Just landed in germany. Will update you on what's going on over hear" -Dana White

"Taking off to Germany now!!!!! Hardy vs Davis is gonna explode jihad style!"  -eddiebravo

"Joe and I hopin a plane to Germany for the UFC! Congo vs Cain is gonna fucking be pure insanity! :-)"  -eddiebravo

"Where's the pic of the fannypack????? ...right here, freak!!"  -Joe Rogan, is still trying to bring back the fanny back.

"Its 3:40pm here and I am supposed to leave for the Lanxess Arena at 6:15pm. Good night of rest, I feel recovered and ready! Should be good!"  -Mike Swick

"just had a nice german breakfast then gonna head to the gym, killing time before the show. :)"  -Arianny Celeste, ate a german for breakfast, possibly the hasslehoff..

"WINNING FEELS GREAT! Just got back to the room and am waiting for room service with everyone. We plan to go to the pub after..."  -Mike Swick, knocked out Ben Saunders and called for a title shot.

" Between fights xo :)"  -Arianny Celeste, doesn't Dana and Lorenzo do that in between fights too?

"The buffer 180 was epic!"
  -Joe Rogan, yes it was.. yes it was..

"Great night of fights tonight. Tough loss for Marcus. Could have gone his way as well IMO."  -Kenny Florian

"For everyone twitting me support, THANKS SO MUCH! I APPRECIATE IT! You guys are the best and I am happy the fight entertained!" -Mike Swick

"Gotta luv Wanderlei Silva. Win,lose or draw he's still one of my alltime favs. Always comes to fight, a true warrior. Hope he does well at 185"  -Jason High

"Interesting night of fights. The Franklin fight was a good fight not sure I scored it the same. Cain showed that he is learning fast...."  -Shane Carwin, fast enough to beat you? 



"Just lost my ass at the blackjack table! Can I borrow some money? I'll pay you back I swear, I swear!!"  -Rampage Jackson shouldn't bet body parts at casinos..

"Some girls look so so much better in pics. WTF is up with trick photography. I'm not even talking "angles" I'm talking trick photography!"  -Mayhem Miller, learns about the powers of photoshop..

"if i was to marry a woman named Adrian... think of the years of jokes I would have... 'Rock, honey, did you take out the trash?' 'Yo, Adrian! I did it!' yes, I will make her call me Rock"  -Nate Quarry... I hear  Wanderlei's wife says the same thing, 'Axe Murderer, honey, did you...'

"At the airport in Germany, they don't fuck around with their cigarette warnings here"  -Joe Rogan

"Having asparagus the night before is like having an extra alarm clock."  -Mayhem Miller

"Just opened my fortune cookie "An interesting sports opportunity is in your near future" Sweet...."  -Nate Quarry, a roster spot in X-arm just got opened.

"things you will never hear a man say: 'Man those eyelashes are hot!'"  -Nate Quarry

"Damn, Cro Cop gangstered Dana an the UFC. Took the tune up an is off 2 DREAM,typical politician. Well played Sir."  -Jason High.. Life Lesson: Don't Trust Politicians



"still sick but back at work today. tough part of being a full time fighter and a full time worker is I use most of my sick days traveling to fights."  -Shane Carwin, i dont think it's considered "full time" if you can't commit to either.

"I'm about to make history... My girl(@anngaff) is a former American record holder in the 3k steeplechase and a multiple time Division 1 All American in track an field... I just beat her for the 1st time ever on a run. Be sure to send some tweets her way (@anngaff) and tell her about it... Of course, she did have a baby 3.5 weeks ago, but there's really no need in sweating those small details."  -Jason High, making history huh?

"Yea, what? That's historic. I have to knock her up if I wanna beat her on a run."  -Jason High, learns how to beat a woman in sports.. Anyone wanna try to beat Gina Carano?

"i'll prob fight again in NoV. WEC on Versus"  -Rob McCullough

"One more day of training in the mountains! I'm ready!!"  -Bobby Lashley

"ahh gettin ready 2 run sprints :) its better than coffee in the AM" -Rob McCullough

"Hatsu Hioki is on his way back to Japan. One of the best guys I have trained with pound 4 pound.. Another tough fighter comes into camp tomorrow... Could the person coming to help me train be a former opponent?"  -Kenny Florian, any guesses on who he's gonna train with?

"I've taught my cat to fetch. How cool is that! I will upload the video to my facebook. :) If you're a friend, keep an eye out for it. :)"  -Elvis Sinosic, has more success training cats than fighters.



" Going for a swim and sauna before the big show 2nite, like my suit?"  -Arianny Celeste, Hubba Hubba!

" For those of u who love Edith..."  -Arianny Celeste

" So ya I splurged but at least I didn't buy the matching wallet! I work a lot. N I love bags! :)"  - -Arianny Celeste, Wait there's a bag in the pic? I honestly didn't notice..

"Recently snapped picture"  -BJ Penn, was asked to drive the getaway car after the heist..

"Here it is."  -urijahfaber, shows the design of his next walk out t-shirt.

"This is a lot of Hats!!"  -urijahfaber

" - Hmm Donuts"  -Rob McCullough

I'm in Amsterdam now. Crazy place!"  -Mike Swick, check out Club Vandersexx while you're there.

"Moms cooking for me and the block. My favorite food in the world!"  -urijahfaber

No, he's very ticklish down there. RT @jaycosta: what r u licking in ur profile pic?dana whites ass?"  -Joe Rogan

"Junie stopping by to say hi.."  -BJ Penn

"Look everyone, it's fake Machida! RT @dragonmachida: Dont forget to mention my stats. Least hit fighter in mma. Nobody can defend my style."  -Joe Rogan, it's really funny how he tries to act like he's the real lyoto.

"Check out this month's (August issue) Muscle & Fitness magazine. I'm on the cover."  -Nate Marquardt

"I am a huge nerd and got the iPhone 3.0 OS early. Its pretty cool. Love having copy/paste and spotlight search is sick."  -Joe Lauzon

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