Mirko Cro Cop Clears The Air- Sort Of


According to Cro Cop has finally spoken about his current contract status. Apparently he is not actually signed to DREAM yet (although they seem to think he has) but it sure sounds like that is where he is leaning:

“The problem is I'm 35 and I'm finally healthy. UFC is offering me a fight 6 months from now. Even before UFC 99 I said that won't work for me, but they said something like they're gonna change it. I said even before that I wanna fight 3 more times this year, I don't really care if it's ring or octagon.”

“I'm a big star in Japan and I can be on every card I want there. I have a lot of fans there who want me to return. They offer me way more fights and more often, and there is always a possibility that a fight with Fedor could occur – that is my priority.”

He may feel great physically but I don't think at his age it's a great idea to fight four times in six months as he apparently wants to do. So what ARE his plans?

“The thing was blown out of proportions. All of this, besides being a sport is a big business too. They know in the UFC I did my part of the deal so I don't think we'll have any problems. I haven't signed nothing yet with any org, and as I said – I'm prepared to talk with both sides. I've never been in a sweeter yet more difficult position. Dream offers me more fights, but at the other hand I'm aware of the quality that is in UFC.”

“I really don't know. I have to consider it and see. I don't see why I wouldn't fight in Japan a few fights and then return to UFC. That is also an option. What matters is that I feel great physically. I can almost say never felt better.”

He and the UFC (particularly Dana White) sure see this from different points of view. Mirko may think he has fulfilled his deal with the UFC but Dana sees it very differently and unless Cro Cop agrees to return under the terms originally discussed over the phone I highly doubt he will be fighting for the UFC again, now or in the future.

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