Mustapha Al-Turk to Appeal UFC 99 Result Against Mirko Cro Cop

Picture_2_mediumFrom Fighters Only:

Mostapha Al-Turk's management say they will be launching an appeal against the result of their client's fight with Mirko 'CroCop' Filipovic.


"We are going to appeal that, we don't think its right that it should be a TKO. The referee should have got onto the eye poke," said Al-Turk's agent Ken Pavia. "Look at Henderson v Franklin at UFC 93 in Dublin. Franklin got a timeout when he got eye-poked.

"With the fight taking place in Germany we aren't sure what the protocol is, but we will put our appeal in writing and see what we can do."

Anthony Johnson tried to appeal his eye poke loss to Kevin Burns at UFN 14 in 2008. The Nevada Athletic Commission infamously turned that down due "to lack of remedy."

Since there is no athletic commission in Germany the UFC will likely be in position to make that ruling. I imagine their decision could be influenced by the state of negotiations with Cro Cop.

HT Fightlinker

UPDATE: MMA Payout has this find from the UFC contract:

Any and all Bouts that occur in a jurisdiction or country without an Athletic Commission shall be conducted pursuant to the statutes, rules and regulations of the State of Nevada in effect at the time of the Bout, including, but not limited to, the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts (the "Nevada Rules"); for the protection of the health and safety of the Fighter, to promote fairness in the administration of the Bout, and to preserve the integrity of the sport of mixed martial arts. In its sole discretion, ZUFFA may utilize the Nevada Rules in the oversight of any Bouts that occur under this Subsection 4.7. Fighter may appeal any advisory opinion by ZUFFA regarding any violations of the Nevada Rules relating only to Bouts that occur in a jurisdiction or country without an official government mandated Athletic Commission to an independent third-party arbitrator or arbitration panel selected pursuant to the guidelines developed by the American Arbitration Association. All costs and fees associated with an appeal taken pursuant to this Section shall be the exclusive responsibility of the Fighter. Regardless of where a Bout occurs, in no event shall a Fighter have any right to appeal a decision by ZUFFA relating to the UFC Title or the UFC Championship belts.

The way I read this, the Anthony Johnson-Kevin Burns decision in which the Nevada State Athletic Commission decided there is nothing in their rules that would allow a fight to be overturned in these circumstances would seem to shut down Al-Turk's case pretty quick.

UPDATE 2: MMA Weekly reports:

Marc Ratner, UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Monday told an appeal was not possible.

"It's very simple," said Ratner. "By the unified rules... first of all the referee didn't see the foul. What you're asking is can we go to instant replay. You're saying now that the fight's over, can you take a look at it? If the referee had seen the finger and stopped the fight immediately, he could have given a stop for five minutes to recover, and then if (Al-Turk) couldn't have gone on, it would have been a no-contest."


"In any sport, a judgment call cannot be overturned," he continued. "It's one of those things that happens, but nobody saw it around the Octagon until the replay."

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