Mike Ciesnolevicz: "Ken Pavia Screwed me"

A long interesting read on the UG:
If anyone is interested let me know. I am fighting Tomasz Drwal at the TUF 9 finale on Spike. I have a feeling it will make the broadcast.

I had a bad experience last time with sponsors at UFC 95. Ken Pavia and his guys shorted me almost 4 grand when i gave him a chance and trusted he wasnt shady. Then told me he got me a 5 grand bonus from Joe Silva to calm me down and make up for it which i found out wasnt his doing either.
Ken also almost talked me into being bitter towards Monte saying that he talked to Joe Silva and Joe Silva said Monte never talked to him about me, etc, etc and Pavia could get me in the UFC asap. He tried to steal me. Joe Silva then told me in person at UFC 95 Monte was calling for quite awhile to get me in and that wasnt at all true. I felt let down cause i liked Pavia and gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Pavia is a master manipulator and i feel stupid for almost falling for it. Why i let him handle my sponsors for a fight is beyond me.
I know i will never see that $$ from Pavia but its all good. Its the past, lesson learned, bridge burned. Full Tilt Poker, Hyabusa, MMAfightewarehouse all sponsored me but i never saw a dime from any of them casue they paid Pavia directly. Pavia then made up something about charging me 30% instead of 20% which he agreed on. Charged me extra for banners, tshirts, etc above the 20% deal we had verbally.

Thank god warrior wear, headblade, naga sent the $ to me directly or i would be struggling
The sad thing is he has probably screwed those guys and they dont know. I guarantee he has. He is good at confusing ppl when he talks to u and manipulating. He had me confused a few times talking circles. There are always posts and rumors about him screwing guys over and i doubted it until it happened to me no matter how many ppl told me to stay away.

I really wanna know if Pavia got me a bonus like he said or if it was from the UFC? We should post TTT for Joe Silva.

Ben Rothwell wanted to beat Pavia up in England at UFC 95 for talking shit but i told him to chill. Now i wish i would have let Big Ben lauch a headkick.
Pavia HOOKED ME UP by getting me to pay for Justin McCulley, Jako O'Brien, and Rob McCullough to come to a benefit grappling tourney I had to raise money for 3 guys who died. I had to pay all their plane tickets for the event and he said he would make it up by having it be a Team Punishment sponsored event and send out TP stuff to sell to make up that cost so more money could go to the benefit. Nothing ever came, but there sure as shit was a press release about Pavia and Tito donating all this stuff to the event.

also, Rob never even showed. so we were out for a ticket that wasnt even used.

a year prior I tried to have a seminar from Riggs. I set it up through Pavia and Riggs didnt show (he had some personal stuff going on so its no big deal) but Pavia siad he would send out some of Riggs' shirts and stuff as goodwill for those who came in for the seminar....never got that stuff either.

BTW, I'm not really trying to get all into to be spiteful, I just was showing that his BS doesnt stop at just fighter sponsorships,etc.

That is why I started managing people myself, Im tired of having people take 20-30% from a fighter for just making phone calls.
From MayheM:
He definitely screwed most all of those guys. I hate to say it, but it's almost as if at this point, its the fighters fault. They've been warned, he has the worst reputation in the sport, but people still work with the Pav. I know he screwed me over some tiny amount of money, so I washed my hands of the guy, and took it as a lesson learned, I normally don't even talk shit on the guy, but I just think it's funny.

A few of my friends are managed by Pav, who I'm sure is reading this, and they have no complaints, but I've told them the same thing I'd tell anyone in this sport... keep one eye on the guy and don't let a manager take money direct from the sponsors. He works for YOU, not the other way around.
Much more in the thread....

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