Rampage Jackson Coaching on Next Season of TUF - Confusion Ensues


As you may know, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson announced via Twitter that he will be one of the coaches on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter:

about to watch myself in the movie midnight meat train & packing my stuff to move to vegas to coach TUF!!

We'll find out in early June (maybe tonight on the Spike VGA's if we're lucky) who the other coach is but there are three possibilities that come to mind:

1) Lyoto Machida - Dana White said that Rampage will get the first shot at Machida's belt, so this would be an obvious choice. However, Machida's manager Ed Soares indicated to Sherdog that this is unlikely for now:

"I don’t think he’s going to be coaching [TUF]," Machida’s manager Ed Soares told the Sherdog Radio Network’s "Beatdown" show Wednesday. "There’s a lot of things in the works to be honest with you and things are already set in stone."

So to get Machida to coach and keep the LHW division from exploding in confusion, Dana might have to break out the almighty checkbook.

2) Rashad Evans - Given his intense rivalry with Rampage, Rashad would be an ideal choice. Their post-UFC 96 staredown combined with Rampage's intonation that Rashad ducked him equals bad blood, and bad blood gets the fans interested. Of course, this would mean we'd have to wait for Rampage to fight (and beat) Rashad before taking on Machida for the belt.

3) Shogun Rua - Shogun is obviously the dark horse here, as aside from the fact that he demolished Rampage in Pride, there's no good reason to put him on TUF. This is especially true since his English skills are fairly limited.  However, he was at Zuffa's offices yesterday with a big smile on his face, so maybe he signed something. (Fight with Rashad?)

While I am eager to see Rampage fight Machida, I also don't want to wait 6 months to see it happen. So what could happen here?

Machida makes his first title defense against Shogun?

Rashad coaches against Rampage on TUF and Rampage/Machida goes on hold indefinitely?

Forrest fights Machida if he beats Anderson Silva? (you never know!)

Any ideas folks?

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