Bellator 5 Results: Eddie Alvarez Advances, Jorge Masdival Upset by Imada

Imadachoke_mediumSo much for a dream match-up between Alvarez and Masvidal:

In the night’s main event, Alvarez, widely regarded as one of the world’s top-five 155-pounders, took a game Eric Reynolds into the third before securing a fight-ending rear-naked choke.

"I tried to get in, get out, and get to the finals," said Alvarez, who moves to 17-2. "I was a little disappointed. ... In the final you’re going to see me let it go. You’ll see the whole bit there."

Even prior to the semifinals, Alvarez and Masvidal were engaged in a heated war of words in anticipation of their likely matchup.

Masvidal’s opponent, though, spoiled the highly anticipated fight. Toby Imada was battered for two-and-a-half rounds by Masvidal’s world-class standup. However, when Masvidal dipped for a single-leg takedown in the third round, Imada forced him unconscious with a modified triangle choke.

"I just locked it up and squeezed and waited to see what would happen," Imada said. "It’s not over till it’s over."

Masvidal was almost prescient in assessing Imada's abilities when talking to USA TODAY about Imada's previous fights in Bellator:

So you think you could just take him down and pound him out from the top?

I think I could take him down, which I'm probably not going to (plan to do so). He has a solid ground game, though; I'll say that much. From his one fight that I've seen in Bellator, it looked like he had a solid top ground game; I don't know how good off his back he is. But at one point or another, I am going to take him down and I'm going to hurt him from there, land big shots.

What did you think of his fight against Alonso Martinez?

I thought he was looking horrible, man.

All it was, they hit the ground, and when they hit the ground he was able to cut his head, get to half guard, took the guy's back and then finished him out. It looked like the guy was going to escape, if you saw that fight. The guy was right about to get out and then boom, he brought him back in, kept working the choke and choked him out. It was impressive how he moved on the ground.

But on the feet, as far as everything went on the feet, I thought he was horrible.

Watch Kalib Run has a lot more coverage. Check out the nasty upside down triangle choke - with calf under the chin - by Imada in the picture at the top.

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