Mamed Khalidov KO's Daniel Acacio to Claim First KSW World Championship

2ahy74n_mediumMamed Khalidov (17-3-1) def. Daniel Acacio (17-8) via KO (Punches) at 1:10 of Round 1
Less than two minutes into the opening round, following some flashy kicks and clinch work from "The Cannibal," Khalidov ended the Brazilian's night with a clean right uppercut. The hometown favorite pounced and pounded away until the ref stopped the action, making Khalidov the first ever KSW World Champion.

UPDATE: Video is in the FanPosts.

Read on for full results from today's show in Warsaw.


Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki
KSW 11
May 15, 2009
Warsaw, Poland

8-Man Tournament Opening Round

Vitor Nobrega (4-1) def. Lukasz Christ (2-4) via Submission (Arm Triangle Choke) R1
Nobrega took Christ to the mat right away and began softening him up with shots to the face from guard until sinking in the match-winning choke about two minutes in. The four-time Portugal Vale Tudo champion moved on to the next round without breaking a sweat.

Artur Kadlubek (5-1) def. Sergey Nikitin (3-3) via Unanimous Decision
Nikitin is the trainer of former tournament favorite Alexander Shlemenko, who had to withdraw due to injury. Thanks to one Jordan Breen for this bit of info, and the heads up that KSW was airing this afternoon. Kadlubek ground out a dominant but uneventful win by riding Nikitin's back for the majority of the fight, landing punches from the top while looking for a guillotine which never materialized.

Aslambek Saidov (4-0) def. Michele Verginelli (5-6) via Unanimous Decision
Saidov muscled Verginelli around from top position for the entirety of the first frame, only coming close to danger when "Iron Mike" nearly caught a triangle armbar early on. Saidov took it to the mat again in the second and rolled out of a heel hook attempt, but remained unable to pass Verginelli's guard. The Italian nearly twisted Saidov's left arm into a pretzel with a last ditch kimura attempt, but Saidov picked up the decision via the punishment he dealt out in the rest of the fight.

Krzysztof Sadecki (1-0) def. Andre Reinders (11-8-2) via Unanimous Decision (Ext. Round)
Sadecki caught Reinders with a left high kick immediately and began blasting away from full mount until Reinders reversed him and tried to escape through the ring ropes. Sadecki teed off on Andre against the ropes and largely won the battle in the clinch with knees and dirty boxing throughout the first, but Reinders appeared ready to turn the tide as the round ran out. In the second, Reinders mounted Sadecki and looked close to winning as he pounded away, but Sadecki bucked and reversed with 50 seconds remaining. In the extension round, both exhausted fighters tried to finish the fight to no avail, and the judges awarded Sadecki the right to move on and most likely have his tired ass handed to him in the next round.

Lukasz Jurkowski (14-9) def. Atila Vegh (4-1) via Unanimous Decision
Missed most of this superfight due to stream issues. My apologies.

Antoni Chmielewski (13-4) via Michael Knaap (17-17-3) via Unanimous Decision
Chmielewski controlled the first round with powerful takedowns and light g'n'p, but it was more a story of Knaap looking hopeless from guard. Knaap caught "Antonio" with a low blow as the second round began, but Chmielewski recovered quickly and put the wild-striking Knaap on his back again, where he spent the last three minutes of the fight (save the several stand-ups and breaks to check on a cut atop Chmielewski's forehead).

8-Man Tournament Semifinals

Vitor Nobrega (5-1) def. Artur Kadlubek (5-2) via Submission (Arm Triangle Choke) R1
This match went very much the same as Nobrega's first win. Not all that impressive, but the Brazilian was no doubt the freshest of all four fighters entering the semis.

Aslambek Saidov (5-0) def. Lukasz Christ (2-5) via Submission (Armbar) R1
After a back and forth round, Saidov tapped Christ with a nasty armbar with less than 10 second remaining. Christ was a replacement for Krzysztof Sadecki, who was too injured to continue after his war with Andre Reinders.

Saidov and Nobrega will square off at a KSW event in December.

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