Excerpts from Today's Live Chat with WEC GM Reed Harris

Reed-harris_mediumWEC General Manager Reed Harris took some time out to chat with fans at MMA Junkie today. Below are some of the more interesting excerpts.

On the WEC's forthcoming flyweight division:

We have no [sic] determined our actual date, but we hope to have the 125ers launched by the end of the year. We have been in talks with a number of the top flyweights in the world and our goal is to launch a division that is equal to our 35 and 45 pound division

An unprompted bit of great news:

We are working on a DVD deal now. Sit tight on that... Hopefully before the years [sic] out.

On whether the excellence of Takeya Mizugaki-Miguel Torres will bring more Japanese fighters to the WEC:

As for the Japanese fighters, we are always looking for the best talent across the world. The thing that has shifted is that we get calls from Japan saying that their fighters want to fight the best in the world... Kid [Yamamoto]....we've talked to him, but hes currently under contract. If that changes, we'd like to have him here. Great fighter and we'd love to see him in the WEC cage

On possibly adding ladies' fights to the mix:

We're always looking to put on the fights that fans want to see. If that means adding a women's division, we are absolutey open to it

On whether the struggling veteran Jens Pulver will be cut if he loses his fight with Josh Grispi at WEC 41:

Jens will always have a home with Zuffa. He's a great ambassador for the sport.. We love a a a human being. Great guy."

On hosting a possible PPV in Mexico:

We think Mexico is a great market and we have a great TV partner in Cadena Tres. It is a logical destination for us. It's a great step for expansion and some of our stars, notably Miguel, are HUGE there.

On rumors of bantamweight kingpin Torres moving up in weight:

Our 135 division is so deep, Miguel is going to be busy for the next few years. If he wins his next bout, he's going to have three or four challenges waiting in the wings. And for the record, Miguel loves the WEC and its his home.

On whether the WEC will end their relationship with Versus soon:

No, we plan on being partners with VERSUS for a long time. We have a great relationship... WEC WrekCage - new episodes will air in June. New series, some great fights too

When asked to name a WEC fighter to look out for:

James Krause...he is fighting Donald Cerrone on June 7. He's 10-0, with one fight going out of the first round. 18-1 as an amateur. 6'2", 155, a real force to look out for... That Krause-Cerrone fight will be aired live on VERSUS too

On where the WEC goes next (literally):

Future cities....we are constantly looking for markets to take the WEC. We expect three new markets in 2009...and venues contact us on a weekly basis asking for us to bring events to their towns

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